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Linux Distros That Don’t Suck

I have had many people email me about the best distro out there. The only answer I have for them is “depends on what you want to do”. I have spent sometime working on a list of Linux distros and what they are good for.

How to Automate a Scripted Installation of Debian Lenny with Deployment Solution 6.9

Requirements: Altiris Deployment Solution 6.8 sp2 or above. Web server (Apache or IIS, although the latter may have some issue publishing *.cfg files). preseed.cfg file (Debian answer file see example at the end of the document)

Thoughts on Debian Lenny

I’ve decided to dump Windows on my laptop. I had problems with XP being very slow. I tried to do a clean copy of 32-bit Vista. That worked, until something happened with that + TrueCrypt, and the system became unusable again. My solution is to install Debian Lenny.

Atheros AR242x Wifi on Debian SID

My new laptop has a Atheros wireless card AR242X. To setup on Debian with the non-free drivers is too easy.

Terminal server for Debian Linux

Version 3.0 of the open source x2go terminal server for Linux has been available to download since the end of April. The software, code named Uthörn, was developed for Debian 5.0.

Health Check: Ubuntu and Debian’s special relationship

The H looks at the history of the popular Linux distro and the details of its relationship with Debian

OpenMoko Freerunner phones discounted for DebConf attendees

Hello, world. The folks at Tuxbrain have a surprise for DebConf attendees, with which they want to support the community and drive innovation and progress…

The Top Ten Concepts for Linux Beginners – Number 8, Programming Language Support

Damn Small Linux can be an ideal platform for supporting a wide range of programming languages. You can even program directly from the command line via a programming shell such as Bash. Major programming languages used in this environment include C, C++, and Java.

Kerio MailServer adds Ubuntu, Debian support

Kerio MailServer 6.7 features a global address list, support for Ubuntu and Debian Linux, and speedy migration from other IMAP servers.

Announcing BrDesktop for the Brazilian home desktop user

It is a selection of official Debian GNU/Linux packages. A Pure Blend, pre-configured and targeted for Brazilian Debian GNU/Linux home desktop users.

Damn Small Linux Review

Another Debian derivative, being based on Knoppix, it’s raison d’etre is to provide a live CD that will fit on a 50MB business card CD.

Open Source Review: Debian Lenny

Debian is one of the original distros, dating back to 1993. The Debian package management system is generally considered superior to the RPM systems, although they have closed the gap (mainly by incorporating features from Debian’s system).

Before Ubuntu Was SimplyMepis: A Long-Term Review

Before Ubuntu there was Mepis. At that time it was one of the most user-friendly Linux distribution available. Despite being overshadowed by the popularity of Ubuntu in recent years, SimplyMepis is still one of the most friendly desktop distributions in the Linux landscape.

FFmpeg, FFmpeg-PHP, Lame, Libogg, Libvorbis, FLVtool2, Mplayer, Mencoder, AMR Installation

The following HOWTO will show you exactly how to install the following packages on a Debian Etch or Ubuntu 7.06 system

Installing a Reluctant Network Card on Debian

I was having some trouble installing a network card on my home server. It wasn’t being autodetected. I’m weak on Linux hardware stuff, and networking in particular (since it’s always *just worked*), so this was starting from scratch.

Installing catalyst on Debian Squeeze

I am going to describe how I installed Catalyst, the surprisingly spicy web framework, written in perl. Since I use debian, and I prefer to develop on sid, this blog will refer to the installation of Catalyst on squeeze/sid.

Remote install of Debian overtop of RedHat

A very long time ago I leased some server space that had RedHat and I wanted Debian. So I did a remote install using the /swap partition as a / partition. I thought the notes were lost, but I found them. I include them here for historical (hysterical?) purposes only.

Debian list spam reporting the Gnus way

So, recently our email overlords graciously provided means for us minions to help them in their toils and help clean up the spammish clutter in the mailing lists by helping report the spam

Debian switching to EGLIBC?

So, it came to me that Debian is going to switch to EGBLIC soon. It’s funny to say the least, especially if you read the reasons for the change.

Return of unversioned boost -dev packages (boost-defaults)

Hello, I’m pleased to announce the upload of boost-defaults, a new package that supplies unversioned -dev packages for Boost (libboost-dev, etc.) that simply depend on the current “default” Boost version (today, it is Boost 1.38.0).

VirtualBox: Installation on Debian Lenny

I have used virtualization in many different forms, OpenVZ, Xen, VMWare, for a number of years with great success. One thing I have been interested in doing is moving away from all applications that are not OpenSource.

Installing Opera Web Browser in Linux Debian

Lately I’ve tried the Opera web browser and as far as today for me it rocks under Windows – so I tried to install it on Linux Debian ; and went to the opera website, clicked the download link.

Debian Switching From Glibc To Eglibc

Aurelien Jarno has just uploaded a fork of glibc called eglibc, which is targeted at embedded systems and is source- and binary-compatible with glibc.

Dual boot windows XP, 1st drive-linux Mepis 8.0 2nd drive

A friend who is learning Linux installed a larger second(primary-slave) PATA drive to continue his Linux education but insisted on leaving Windows XP on the first(primary-master) PATA drive with no alterations to any part of the Windows XP drive including the MBR or changing master/slave orientation and using remapping in Grub.

Review of Smallest Operating System 50MB

Damn Small Linux is really a damn small linux distribution till date. Amazingly the entire ISO image could fit in a pen drive or in a small compact disk because the total size of the ISO is only 50 mb.

5 Must Try Linux Distros

I’m going to gather some well known info about these five popular Linux distribution to give you small preview of Linux operating systems. This is not a top five, rather five distributions I know about. This article should give you an overview on what to choose.

(Overlapping) bits from the DPL

Hi folks, It’s been too long since I’ve given you an update. I didn’t want to push things out while the election was going on, as that seems to annoy some people. And since the election I’ve been too busy to get round to this. Yes, I suck. Yes, I want to do better at […]

Pretending a Package is Installed by Creating an Empty Package with Checkinstall

After installing ffmpeg from svn with checkinstall, I had the problem that the also installed library libavcodec51 is not compatible with the one delivered with Ubuntu.

The 14 best Linux distros

Given the number of Linux distros out there, how did we pick just 14? Some were obvious; the likes of Slackware and Debian have been around since Linus was in short trousers. SUSE, Fedora, Mandriva and Ubuntu are similarly too significant to ignore. What about the others?

Etch for Old Hardware

The pool of usable Linux distros for older hardware is shrinking. For at least the rest of this year, it appears you can still install Etch and make it work well. Everyone has their own ideals, and I’m quite sure you can find fault with mine.

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