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How-To: Compile and Install digiKam 0.10 in Debian Sid

digiKam is a popular photo management application for both KDE3 and KDE4. Starting with version 0.10, digiKam offers a KDE4 port too. Here are instructions on how to compile from source and install the latest release in Debian Sid.

Creating A Fully Encrypted Para-Virtualised Xen Guest System Using Debian Lenny

This document explains how to set up a fully encrypted para-virtualized XEN instance. In this howto, the host system is running Debian Etch, while the guest system to be installed will be using Debian Lenny.

Deploying PHP Across Windows and Linux

We used Debian 5 Linux for this, and setting up PHP and Apache on it was a breeze. All it required was to first install Apache using the # apt-get install apache2, followed by another single line command to install PHP and MySQL, viz. # apt-get install php5 mysql php5-mysql.

Migration to Mepis 8.0 Complete!

Mepis 8.0 is working out just fine. I finally got VLC to play my media files, although Kaffiene and mplayer still just show a blue screen. And I’m not sure exactly what it took to get VLC to working.

How To Add Bash Completion In Debian

Bash completion is a useful tool for completion of file paths, commands etc. By default it is enabled on Ubuntu but not on Debian. With two simple steps it can also be enabled on Debian.

Xen Live Migration Of An LVM-Based Virtual Machine With iSCSI On Debian Lenny

This guide explains how you can do a live migration of an LVM-based virtual machine (domU) from one Xen host to the other

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