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Joy of progeCAD 2009 under Wine in Debian Linux

This article outlines some updated steps to running progeCAD without buying a Windows license (although some free libraries will be needed). Understand that progeCAD is at this time not officially supported on Linux, either using Parallels or WINE emulation layer More here

We were able to accomplish several things following these steps: install progeCAD, activate progeCAD (online method), load a file, etc. Our test involved using a stand-alone license key (although NLM client might also work). progeCAD runs stable but slow (depending on your core(s) speed and OpenGL acceleration).

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  1. Comment by vasco — March 4, 2010 @ 11:13 am

    Hi! This is very good news.
    I’m actually trying to run progeCAD on WINE on OSX Snow Leopard.
    It crashes installation showing a acfpdfuamd64.dll and 56 seconds to go.

    What version are you installing? I’m trying progeCAD 2009 smart.
    I’ve worked with it at an office. If it works on OSX I’ll get pro version.

    Best regards,

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