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Setting Up A High-Availability Load Balancer With HAProxy/Keepalived On Debian Lenny

This article explains how to set up a two-node load balancer in an active/passive configuration with HAProxy and keepalived on Debian Lenny. The load balancer sits between the user and two (or more) backend Apache web servers that hold the same content.

Debian Lenny on Dell Optiflex 760

So if you get that shiny new Dell desktop and ACPI spit bunch of message at the install time and the network driver does not get detected you can follow these steps to have it working.

Debian policy update (

Dear developers, Debian policy has been uploaded today with the following changes…

Starting Apache Web Server at every Reboot

If you compiled and installed Apache on a Debian/Ubuntu Linux machine and want the Apache service run every time you reboot your machine this short tutorial is for you.

HP servers still half-cold to Ubuntu

Recently, a reader told us that server maker Hewlett-Packard was no longer offering support for the Debian distribution of Linux on its servers. And according to HP’s website, that appeared to be the case. But as it turns out, HP is still supporting Debian (in a sense). What it doesn’t offer is formal support for […]

More Debian AA1 Tweaking, A Lot More To Do

Just had a little time to screw around with this fresh Debian Lenny install on the AA1. I adjusted the volume levels and can record and playback decent audio. However, there are some serious problems with video…

25 Sites Related to Debian You Can’t Miss

Debian is an open-source community developed operating system and there are many sites that provide help and support and other solutions for using it. Here is a compilation of 25 such sites related to Debian that you would like to bookmark or keep on tips.

Debian Perl Packaging

There are only a few hundred commands in Perl itself, so the rest of its functionality comes from its rich collection of modules, many of which are distributed via the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Configuring Wireless (WiFi) network card in Debian Linux

WiFi capability is getting common these days and slowly and steadily it is becoming a necessity to have a working WiFi computer. For many people it is rather intimidating when it comes to configuring wireless network in Linux systems.

Mono Part of Debian’s Default Desktop Install?

We already have a Mono item ruffling some feathers on OSNews today, but here we have the apparent news that Tomboy has become a default part of GNOME on Squeeze, the next release of Debian. Wait, what now?

Free Damn Small Linux Games

You can use this tiny operating system whether or not you want to learn the sometimes gruesome details of operating systems. This article presents several free games that are immediately available once you have downloaded and installed Damn Small Linux.

New Debian apt keys

A check for this missing key tells us it is for Lenny/5.0 sources which have been introduced to the Debian Archive and all new packages are being signed with this new key.

Xen 3.2-1 on Debian Lenny

I’ve been using linux since about 1991 (I believe slackware was my first install) and decided to install Debian 5.0 (Lenny) and then install Xen server with Xfce4. To keep it light but useful.

Knoppix via PXE

I was able to get knoppix to boot through my PXE and it recognizes the hard drives, which is the most important thing when you want to do hard drive recovery

10 useful hardware information display utilities in Debian Linux

Suppose you get a new computer or a machine without much documentation and you would like to know as much as possible regarding the hardware that is there on the system like CPU, Memory, North Bridge, South Bridge, PCI devices, USB devices, Super I/O, BIOS, etc. There are some very good utilities in Linux which […]

Installing Git from source on Debian Lenny

I tend to use the most current release of Git, and had to install it on a new Lenny server today.

Patching Apache on Debian

This short guide shows you how to get the source, patch and compile Apache for Debian.

How to restore grub in Ubuntu/Debian based Linux distributions

This tutorial explains how to restore GRUB, the default boot loader in Ubuntu/Debian distros. The best way is to boot from a Live CD. When you get to the desktop open a terminal and enter.

Netbook Broadcom (43xx) Cards with Debian Lenny

So with Ubuntu 9.04 (and possibly earlier) the Broadcom Wireless NIC in your Netbook (mine happens to be a Lenovo Ideapad S10) should just work. But obviously this will not happen with Debian 5.0. Because very little in Debian just works.

Reinstalling grub on an unbootable Debian system

Fixing an unbootable computer after a failed grub installation can be a bit tricky. Here’s what I ended up doing.

Debian pkg-perl team

In order to start contributing more to Debian, I have started helping out with the pkg-perl team. I sent an email to the mailing list, and was quickly added to the team on Alioth.

Packaging CPAN Modules for Debian

I’m giving a talk on CPAN at this year’s YAPC in Pittsburgh. One of the things I plan to mention is the cpan2dist program from CPANPLUS. I use cpan2dist (with CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb) to build Debian packages for our internal use.

MEPIS goes kaboom, time to try openSUSE

As KDE 4.2.4 was just released I became really eager to try it out. I have tested KDE 4 series earlier. The first version, 4.0, was bit of a disappointment. 4.1 and earlier versions of 4.2 seemed solid enough for casual use. MEPIS is still based on 3.5 by default.

Running 32-bit X Windows application on 64-bit system using bind mount in Linux

We have already seen how to create a debootstrap system and we also learned how to compile a 32-bit application (like Linux kernel) from within the debootstrap system in Debian Linux. In this post we will learn how to run X windows application from a “chroot” system.

Creating An NFS-Like Standalone Storage Server With GlusterFS On Debian Lenny

This tutorial shows how to set up a standalone storage server on Debian Lenny. Instead of NFS, I will use GlusterFS here. The client system will be able to access the storage as if it was a local filesystem. GlusterFS is a clustered file-system capable of scaling to several peta-bytes.

Chrome on Linux: Rough, fast & promising

I’d been waiting for Chrome on Linux since Chrome first showed up. Chrome, if you haven’t tried it, is the speed-demon of Web browsers. I love it. But, until now, there really wasn’t a version that would run natively on Linux.

Google debuts Chrome for Mac, Linux

Google released Chrome for Mac OS X and Linux Thursday–but only in rough developer preview versions that the company warns are works in progress.

Stopping a CPU beep in Ubuntu/Debian

The CPU beep is a really irritating thing in Linux distros and sometimes the graphical sound manager does not work when shutting it up.

10 Ways to contribute to Debian

Debian does allow support and contribution on many fronts and if you feel you are ready to provide some sort of input, there are many ways in which you can help Debian.

Installing TweetDeck on Debian GNU/Linux

When I first heard of TweetDeck I was able to download and install it on my Debian GNU/Linux system with just one click on the website. Today when I installed the newest stable release of Debian I wasn’t able to install from the TweetDeck website

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