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Debian Adopts Two-Year Time-Based Release Cycle

The comments to this groundbreaking news is popping up: OSNews, iTWire and plenty more Here they are
OSNews, iTWire, Matt Zimmermann,,

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  1. Comment by Kevin Benko — August 2, 2009 @ 7:54 pm

    I am a bit ambivalent about this change that the Debian team has decided to make.

    My ultimate choice of using Debian was heavily influenced by the non-rigid release cycle.
    I would hope that the Debian team doesn’t fall into the trap of forcing new functionality into the stable release before it had been properly tested, as some GNU+Linux distributions seem to have done, repeatedly, in the past.

    However, this change doesn’t really affect me too much, as my home desktop systems are running under the testing/unstable branches of Debian. I am, however, concerned about the possibility this may affect the stability of the stable branch on the servers I run, as well as my wife’s Debian installs (she stick with the stable branch).

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