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Debian accepts Mono applications

ALL IS NOT WELL in Debian land as the venerable free software project has decided to accept Mono-based applications despite a warning issued by bearded GNU guru Richard Stallman.

Sysvinit vs. Upstart: Boot Performance for Debian and Ubuntu

Developers from Debian and Ubuntu met and discussed ways to improve boot performance at Canonical’s London headquarters.

How-To: Install FrostWire 4.18.0 in Debian Lenny

FrostWire is an open-source, free Java-based peer-to-peer client with support for the BitTorrent protocol, skins and iTunes. The latest release, 4.18.0, contains many improvements, bug fixes and several changes.

Debian plans draw sharp warning from GNU guru

As the Debian project releases a second update of its Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (“Lenny”) distribution, a controversy has broken out over the next version, “Squeeze.” GNU guru Richard Stallman has warned that by including a Mono-based note-taking application called Tomboy, Debian runs the risk of Microsoft litigation over C# patents.

Custom Linux Firewalls with Debian

In this tutorial we’ll cover many topics that will allow you to build your own custom firewall machine from scratch using standard PC hardware and the Linux operating system. I’ll present everything from the basic topics of firewalls, DHCP, and DNS, up to advanced features such as VPN and IDS.

Flexbackup On Debian

I use flexbackup to run my tape backup and on the older Debian installation, flexbackup would correctly set the block size of the tape and run the backup. On the latest installation, running flexbackup gave an error message…

Okular, Debian, and copy restrictions

hus, free applications do not normally implement “features” which allow their users to do less. One might think that the consensus against “antifeatures” in free software is nearly universal, but, as the case of the okular PDF reader in Debian shows, there are still exceptions.

GNBD on Debian installation howto

GNBD is some kind of alternative to iSCSI and to a lower extent to sshfs or other filesharing system (NFS, Samba, etc.). Unlike iSCSI, there’s no authentication or such, I invite you to read the documentation to learn more about GNBD.

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