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Changes to Debian Maintainers handling

Hi, during DebConf9 the Debian Keyring Maintainers, the “Debian Maintainer Keyring Team” and FTPMaster discussed the maintenance of the extra debian-maintainers keyring. The conclusion was that the maintenance of the keyring is handed over to the Debian Keyring maintainers, while the policy (add/remove/change) is kept with the DM Keyring team.

Thanks to this change we FTPMasters can now allow Debian Maintainers to
also use our various upload queues[2] for their uploads. You are no
longer bound to ftp-master only.

Note that DAK learns about changes in the keyring during dinstall, so
there can be a delay of up to 6 hours before a newly added key is fully
working. As DAK sends a mail with a summary of changes it learned, it is
safest to wait until you saw this mail appear on debian-projects@l.d.o.

[1] It is now a similar handling as for the other keyrings. There DAM
tells keyring-maint who to add/remove.
[2] With the exception of security. DMs continue to be unable to do
security uploads, as that archive has no knowledge of DMUA status of

— bye, Joerg Ganneff: Im confident in your ability to create flamewars.

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