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Mini-DebConf Taiwan 2009

The “Software Liberty Association of Taiwan”(SLAT) is featuring a mini-DebConf during ICOS 2009 – International Conference on Open Source
in Taipei in September, 2009.

It’s the 1st mini-DebConf in Taiwan, and would possibly become the 2nd
Asia mini-DebConf(if DDs from China/Japan/Korea/Hong Kong can be join as
well) since the 1st was on 2005 in Beijing. Please join us in Taipei on
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of September, 2009.

Participants may get accommodation and food sponsorship. Remember to add
your name to this wiki page below if you are joining us. Please also
send a separate email with your information to apply for sponsorship to
Local contact.


– -Andrew
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