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Bits from the GRUB maintainers

Hi, As you may have noticed, upgrades of the GRUB Legacy package (`grub’) in unstable have begun using GRUB 2 (`grub-pc’ package) as upgradepath. This means that tentatively, GRUB 2 is to be considered theoption for Lenny to Squeeze upgrades. It should also become the option for new Squeeze installs.

This decision is not final yet! We’re looking for feedback on this
transition. First and foremost, we need people to test GRUB 2 on their
machines and report any issues that they may find.

GRUB 2 features a cleaner design, and is much more robust than its
predecessor. Also, unlike GRUB Legacy it’s under active development.

Nervertheless, we’re aware that for a minority of users, upgrading is
not currently an option, because they rely on specific features of
GRUB Legacy that GRUB 2 doesn’t provide. For those users, GRUB Legacy
will continue being supported, at least up untill the Squeeze release.

Your friendly GRUB maintainers,

Robert Millan
Felix Zielcke

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