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How to find the fastest repository in Debian

To find the fastest mirror in Debian, download and install apt-spy.

Remastersys: Outstanding solution for backup and custom Live CDs

This particular tool is a must-have for serious Ubuntu/Debian administrators, because it allows the user to create a Live CD of the installed Ubuntu or Debian system

Django toolchain on Debian

Although Django is well packaged for Debian, I’ve recently come to the conculsion that the packages are really not what I want. The problem is that my server runs Debian stable, while my development laptop runs unstable, and Django revisions definitely fall into the “unstable” category

Kernel Compilation – The Debian way

In this tutorial we can see how to compile and build the binary package of Linux kernel. The advantage of creating binary package is that you can install the kernel on multiple machines instead of compiling kernel in each and every machine.

debmirror – new features

As debmirror is a native package that may interest developers I thought a quick announcement here is appropriate.

How To Limit CPU Usage Of A Process With cpulimit (Debian/Ubuntu)

This tutorial shows how you can limit the CPU usage of a process with the tool cpulimit on Debian/Ubuntu. cpulimit is a simple program that attempts to limit the CPU usage of a process (expressed in percentage, not in cpu time).

Install synaptic in Debian Lenny

If synaptic is missing in Debian Lenny’s default installation, usually happens if Debian GNU/Linux is installed from the first CD, synaptic can be installed by doing the following..

Compact a VirtualBox Windows Guest on Debian

If you run Windows as a virtual machine in a dynamically expanding storage within Debian using VirtualBox, maybe You’re interested in compact the VDI to save space.

Untangling Debian package dependencies

The author of debtree, a program that illustrates dependencies between .deb packages, has posted a brief rant about the size of Gnome desktop installations in recent Debian releases. Specifically, he notes that a default Gnome install in Etch (4.0) was 1,360MB – but in the upcoming 6.0 release it’ll be over 3,000MB.

Debian GNU/Linux

The Debian project was founded by Ian Murdock in 1993. Debian gets its name from the combination of Ian Murdoch and his wife Debra’s name (Deb-Ian)

Install OpenOffice 3.1 in Debian 5.0 Lenny

Debian Lenny comes by default with OpenOffice 2.6.4, but in the meantime OpenOffice 3.1 was released. You can easily install it on your Debian box by using the Debian Lenny backports repository, which is a repository including newer versions of applications than the ones which come by default with Lenny.

Installing Emacs Snapshot in Debian

In this tutorial I will show you how to install the Emacs-snapshot at your Debian. Emacs-snapshot is a cool package built and deployed by Romain Francoise, a long time GNU and Debian developer.

Building CouchDB 0.9 on Debian 5

I have been using CouchDB recently to build some of my new projects. It’s a new schema-less, document-modelled, highly concurrent, Erlang powered “database” where you wrote map reduce functions in design views to create queries and indices

Creating GRUB/Syslinux splash images

Here’s a small post on GRUB splash image creation and Syslinux splash image creation

Debian Squeeze and an old Dell PE1650

I recently had to put Debian testing (Squeeze) on an old Dell PowerEdge 1650 server. Here’s a little tip to save you some time if your ever in the same situation: upgrade the BIOS first!

Release Team, BTS, and debian-release@ policy.

To help with the tracking of the numerous issues the Release Team has to deal with, we decided to make use of the pseudo-package on the BTS[1]. It will help us to avoid missing requests, which sadly happens a bit too often for our taste.

How to install most recent XMMS in Ubuntu and Debian

XMMS is a multimedia player for Linux including Ubuntu off course. Its interface is more like Winamp in Windows OS.

Ripping CD audio to MP3 in Debian using Grip

I recently had a need to backup some CD audio to my file server and was looking for a good, free, open source way to do this from a Debian or Ubuntu desktop. I found the solution in Grip.

The future of the boot system in Debian

Over the last few years, the boot system in Debian has progressively deteriorated due to changes in the Linux kernel which make the kernel more and more event based.

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 updated

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 updated. The Debian project is pleased to announce the third update of its stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (codename “lenny”). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments for serious problems.

Howto Install PHP GD (PHP Graphics) support in Ubuntu / Debian

PHP is not limited to creating just HTML output. It can also be used to create and manipulate image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and XPM.

Bits from the GRUB maintainers

Hi, As you may have noticed, upgrades of the GRUB Legacy package (`grub’) in unstable have begun using GRUB 2 (`grub-pc’ package) as upgradepath.

Blog Interviews: Meike Reichle, Debian Developer

In this interview, Meike Reichele, a Debian developer living in Germany, offers some practical tips for finding a job in the world of free and open source software.

How To Install Django On Debian Lenny (Apache2/mod_python)

This tutorial explains how to install Django on a Debian Lenny server. Django is a web framework that allows to develop Python web applications quickly with as much automation as possible. I will use it with Apache2 and mod_python in this guide.

Remove ext3 journaling on Mepis 8 install

In the week or so that I’ve been using Mepis 8 from the 4 GB usb key on my EeePC 901,I’ve had at least 5 instances of a corrupted journal on the ext3 fs.

Create Nagios Icons (on a debian system)

This short guide shows you how to ceate Nagios icons (on a debian system)

Why Cron Is Better Than a String Around Your Finger

I’ve occasionally found it useful to set up reminders to be emailed to myself on a regular basis. The most straightforward tool to use for this is cron with mail.

Interdependence in Debian, how to suffer less from it

wanted that each maintainer regularly answers a questionnaire so that he has to ask himself whether he does a good enough job with his packages.

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