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ChromeOS to be based on Debian

It’s already well known that Google HQ use a custom version of Ubuntu as one of their OSes, and it seems that Google’s forthcoming Chrome Operating System will be no different – running atop a solid Debian base.

Howto record desktop activities in Ubuntu / Debian with Recordmydesktop

If want to make a simple video tutorial, you can easily do it with a simple utility RecordMyDesktop. This will record all the screen activities with sound. You can control quality of video and audio.

Free Damn Small Linux Games – Part 1

Many people find that Damn Small Linux is an excellent tool for mastering Linux commands and running the Linux operating system. But what if you have no interest in becoming a computer nerd; can this software still be useful to regular people?

Debian on the AppleTV

This weekend I decided to set up Debian on my AppleTV because the experience for most things relating to video is far better on the XBox 360, for a lower price

The 10 Best Linux Distributions of 2009

This 2009 list takes several factors into account for placement in the list: Community support, commercial support, software variety, update engine and distribution frequency. Even for old Linux salts, there are a few surprises on this list. For starters, Ubuntu is not number one.

Getting Stanford’s “Karel the Robot” to Run in Debian’s Eclipse

I’m taking Stanford’s Open Courseware “Programming Methodology” this semester, but I got stumped early on by the problem of setting up the special Stanford class libraries in my Debian-standard Eclipse installation

Repack Any Installed Package In A .DEB

You can repack any installed package on your system into a .deb file. Here is how.

Misc developer news (#18)

The news are collected on Please contribute short news about your work/plans/subproject.

Command-Line Copy&Paste With xclip (Debian/Ubuntu)

xclip is a command line interface to the X11 clipboard. It allows you to put the output of a command directly into the clipboard so that you don’t have to copy&paste from the terminal manually

3-way merge of Debian changelog files

I’ve been considering for some time now to create a merge tool specifically suited for debian/changelog files. My goal was to let Git use it automatically thanks to gitattributes.

Robotic Submarine Running Debian Wins International Competition

This August, a team of 35 undergraduate students from Cornell University sank the competition at the 12th annual Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition[0], sponsored by the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International and the Office of Naval Research.

Debian to harness FreeBSD with kernel port

The Debian Project is planning a FreeBSD kernel of its disto that’ll help fine tune its Linux for web sites and critical network-based deployments.

Release architectures

Since our recent release update, things have been moving a bit. We’d like to give you the basic status of all our architectures for Squeeze, for details please see the individual mails (and “basic status” doesn’t cover all details of course).

Debian pushes development of kFreeBSD port

The Debian Release Team is pleased to announce that it sees the port ofthe Debian system to the FreeBSD kernel fit to be handeld equal with theother release ports. The upcoming release codenamed ‘Squeeze’ is planned to be the first Debian distribution to be released with Linux and FreeBSD kernels.

VisTablet under Debian Squeeze

Plugging it into the laptop (Thinkpad R61 running Debian Squeeze amd64) got an instant result in that it found the device and allowed cursor movement… but no actual buttons or pressure sensor stuff, so it couldn’t work as a tablet

Installing mod_geoip for Apache2 On Debian Lenny

This guide explains how to set up mod_geoip with Apache2 on a Debian Lenny system. mod_geoip looks up the IP address of the client end user.

Debian Live Flash Drive Install from Windows

In the following tutorial, we cover the process of installing Debian Live to a USB Flash Drive from Windows.

Canon Powershot A60 on Debian

I bought my camera at the end of april 2003 and after a few minutes of toying around i wanted to connect it to my favorite OS. I have been told that some of the stuff on this page will work with a powershot A70 or A75 too.

Filelight: Graphical Disk Usage Analysis for Ubuntu / Debian Linux

Filelight is a little program that analyses your hard drive and shows the Disk Usage in Graphically, It Shows how much space each folder is taking up.

Debian Package Management

This is a concise tutorial on Debian package management. This tutorial is also applicable for Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other derivatives of Debian.

Debian HOW-TO : AIGLX + Beryl

This tutorial aims to explain in a clear and concise manner the installation and configuration of a Beryl enabled Debian desktop.

Configure Glassfish with Apache on Debian

I can’t believe how much time I spent on this simple task … couldn’t find a straight answer anywhere. Hope this posting may help some other souls looking for the same thing -

Damn Small Linux Rocks!

As I waiting for installs from last night’s experience with my father’s Dell laptop, I remembered that this kid from the lab is getting real excited about linux and is always asking questions about it.

CUDA And Debian Lenny

NVIDIA® CUDA™ is a general purpose parallel computing architecture that leverages the parallel compute engine in NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) to solve many complex computational problems in a fraction of the time required on a CPU

APT-build — optimize your Debian!

Certainly most of the Linux users would like to have their systems fully optimized for their rigs but do not have the stamina or enough knowledge to play with the Gentoo installation paradigm.

Instructions for Installing RPM Files Using Alien: Ubuntu, Debian

If you can get your hands on the rpm file and you cannot find a .deb debian package in any of the Ubuntu repositories or elsewhere, you can still install this pacage using the alien package converter application. This article is going to show just how to do this.

LVM Disk Recipes for Debian

After much wrangling and researching I finally figured out how to get LVM disk recipes to work with Debian preseeding. The following recipe will create a partition layout of what’s in the table.

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