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Debian netboot/net install from a USB Drive

I was all ready to pop in my Debian GNU/Linux DVD when I noticed it was missing a CD/DVD drive! I quickly searched for some options and chose to try the network install using a local area network TFTP server

Bits from the FTPMaster meeting

Your beloved FTP Team had a meeting in the Essener LinuxHotel[1] during the last week of October. A lot has been achieved during this meeting and we would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts from the LinuxHotel for the nice environment as well as every Debian Developer, Maintainer and interested for their […]

Annoying things I had to do to get Debian + XFCE working

On Distrowatch’s recommendation, I replaced Xubuntu with Debian and Xfce. I downloaded debian-503-i386-xfce+lxde-CD-1.iso and I was off. The text installer was fine but there was a bit of fiddling around to make it pass the wife-test.

Debian Testing build notes Nov 2009

A few people asked for my install notes for my new Debian Testing installs. I hope they are of use to someone

The Swedish BankID curse and Debian

Lots of bank, tax and insurance related stuff in Sweden these days switch to using BankID for secure logins on web sites. They ditched the java applet a while ago and switched to a browser plugin and native application instead, which then suddenly made them forced to write platform-specific code to achieve the same magic.

How I setup confluence on Debian

I don’t like bloated Tomcat installations with many applications on them. I prefer to have each application in its own place with its own server. So I will use the Confluence standalone package, which is integrated with Tomcat. When I will install Jira on the same box, I will download another standalone package.

Initramfs and Initrd Series: Part 1 – Decompress and compress initramfs images

We will learn how to decompress and then re-compress an initramfs image from your Debian or Ubuntu systems. I find the whole initramfs and initrd topic to be one of the most fascinating one in Linux.

My Debian Black-out – the price of bleeding edge

Ok, I admit it. I run Debian Unstable so I know I deserve to get hit really bad at times when things turn really ugly. It is called unstable for a reason.

Linuxdistrus nolongerexista: What Happens When a Linux Distribution Goes Extinct?

Some of these distributions were excellent and very capable. Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a notable one that I used extensively and have written about. It’s very disappointing to have a distribution pulled out from under you when you depend on it for productivity.

MySQL on Debian and Ubuntu

Debian Linux (the underlying foundation of Ubuntu) manages the startup/shutdown of MySQL quite differently from the ways I am used to. I am a long-time user of both the MySQL binary provided by Red Hat/SuSE (along with Fedora and clones like CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux) and the official binary from

Debian NAS project turns to SheevaPlug

Martin Michlmayr has published several guides about running Debian on the Linksys NSLU2 (“Slug”) router/NAS device, including one on migrating a Debian NSLU2 installation to Marvell’s SheevaPlug NAS design.

Difference Between Ubuntu and Debian

Debian is one of the earliest distributions that has existed for almost two decades and spawned a lot of other distributions. One of the distributions that spawned from Debian was Ubuntu

Debian Lenny Intel3945 Wireless Setup

Using Debian 5.0 I setup my intel 3945abg wireless as follows, assuming the firmware file has been loaded at installation time.

Chrome on Debian

I just installed google chrome on Debian. It’s really awesome that I can’t believe my eyes at first! I found that most sites I visited usually are well displayed in the layout.

A month of the Hurd: new installation CDs, further Git migration, porting

This month Philip Charles created a new installation CD, the L series, for the Hurd, which brings us a big step towards installing the Hurd from the Hurd (without the need of a Linux-based installer). If you enjoy testing stuff, please give it a try.


Short introduction on how to establish a MS SQL Server connection with PHP on Debian. Install FreeTDS on Debian for PHP ODBC. Login as root….

HOWTO: Ethernet bonding in Debian Lenny

In an older post I explained how to create a bond interface in Debian Etch… now, this doesn’t work anymore due to some changes in Lenny. So, long story short, first of all, install ifenslave….

Debian Distribution

One of the oldest distributions of Linux, Debian GNU/Linux has an awesome reputation. At the heart of this distribution is a faithful community of programmers, all dedicated to advancing free software.

Create a MEPIS 8 USB Key using the Live CD

This USB creation process is accomplished while running from the Live CD. SimplyMEPIS 8 is based on a stable Debian 5 core using the 2.6.27 Linux kernel. MEPIS Linux is a product founded by Warren Woodford.

Accessing Data On OS/2 JFS Partitions With GNU/Linux Debian.

Coming from OS/2 and learning my first GNU/Linux commands at the OS/2 command shell -in an ported public domain Korn shell (ksh) emulated environment- I can not help but peek, once in a while, into the pond from which I emerged.

Example: Mount a Debian guest on the host using FUSE and libguestfs

Example — mount my Debian guest on my host Fedora server, using FUSE support which we added to libguestfs today…

Something I’ve done with Debian

For the newest song, I used Debian by itself, since I’ve now gotten LMMS working great on Debian. I just wanted to copy and paste the post to show how great Debian really is, and that I’ve done something using NOTHING but Free / Open software

Bits from the ftp-team

Just a quick update on goings on in ftpmaster after the meeting last week. We’ll be sending out a full report as soon as we’ve finished writing it, but we wanted to make people aware of a few things.

Enabling Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) in Debian Linux kernel

Some of you must have heard about a new feature that got introduced since 2.6.29 Linux kernel known as Kernel Mode Setting (KMS).I will not go into the details about the benefits of KMS in this post but rather I will show you how to enable KMS on your Debian system

DebConf 10 New York dates confirmed

The tenth annual DebConf event will be held in Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus and include coding parties, workshops and various discussions. Featured speakers for the event, however, have yet to be confirmed

How-to] install Debian and openssh server in T-Mobile G1

Assume you have install CynogenMod and get busy box from it, you can install Debian in G1 or other Android phones that has been rooted and get busybox in the custom ROM.

Use PyS60’s Bluetooth Console on Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian Linux

How about this: You connect your laptop with the cellphone, jump in at some place in the code while your app is executing and then use lappy’s big keyboard for exploiting different code and values in the interpreter. Sounds better?

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