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Misc developer news (#19)

In this issue:
+ GPG key signing coordination moved to
+ Debian OpenSSH VCS changeover, and call for help
+ Easier for customization on LXDE now
+ WNPP BTS report now categorised
+ Update about “3.0 (quilt)” source format

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GPG key signing coordination moved to

The GPG key signing coordination pages have been moved from the old
PHP-driven system to the Debian wiki, where they can be edited much more


— Christoph Berg

Debian OpenSSH VCS changeover, and call for help

I’d like help maintaining the vital OpenSSH packages in Debian, and have
finally managed to get the package history into a better VCS so that this
is actually possible. See and for more information. Please
contact me if you’re a Debian developer interested in helping out.

— Colin Watson

Easier for customization on LXDE now

Several LXDE components updated and changed stats recently in sid.

It brings a custom session name support in lxsession and made lxpanel be
able to read XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and show applications menu of other DE
instead of LXDE ones which would make a customized LXDE much easier with
Debian Pure Blends.

The lxnm and lxpanel-netstat-plugin are both deprecated. It’s
recommended to transition lxnm to wicd and other Debian utils such as
live-helper has already made such change.

— Andrew Lee (李健秋)

WNPP BTS report now categorised

Thanks to the use of user tags and user categories, the WNPP[1] BTS
report has a new view. This should allow easier navigation on the BTS
page of the (pseudo-)package with more bugs than any other. Kudos to
Sandro Tosi for coming up with the right control message to apply the

The user tag used to sort the bugs is based on the subject of the report.
The format is described at the WNPP website[2].

— Raphael Geissert


Update about “3.0 (quilt)” source format

Since dpkg, dpkg-source creates the `.pc` directory used by
quilt by itself (even if quilt is not available), it also relies on
`.pc/applied-patches` to know what patches are applied or not. It is thus
100% compatible with quilt and the option `–without-quilt` is thus gone.

In the same version, a new option `–single-debian-patch` has been
created so that people using a VCS can have dpkg-source create and
auto-update a single patch named debian-changes (instead of
debian-changes-) somewhat similar to what the .diff.gz was in
format 1.0 while still benefiting from the other features (bzip2
compression, multiple tarballs, etc.).
It is possible to set the header of this automatic patch in
debian/source/patch-header and thus you can explain there where the
changes can be better reviewed (most likely somewhere in the VCS).

Package conversion is happening at a steady rate:

Check for basic information
about how to convert your own packages.

— Raphael Hertzog

— Raphaël Hertzog

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