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Keeping Time In Debian With Virtualbox

I’ve been encountering an interesting issue recently with Debian running as a guest in side of VirtualBox on Windows XP. When I initially installed Debian, I told it to adjust the hardware clock to UTC. More here

Why is this a problem? Well, when booting Debian in VirtualBox, it wants to mount the volumes (just a file residing in Windows), but the last mount date timestamp shows a date in the future. This is because I’m 7 hours behind UTC. So, on every boot, I am dropped to an sulogin prompt, where I need to provide the root password to fix the system.

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  1. Comment by Bishop Damark — January 14, 2010 @ 6:48 am

    I was told via the PDF file for Virtualbox that you should NOT use UTC for your clock settings when installing a guest OS under Windows since Windows sets the time for you automatically. I have Fedora Linux x86_64 running under Windows Vista 32-bit and had problems with UTC (the time under Linux would be always 1hour off what was expected). ‘Hope that helps.

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