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WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 18 December 2009 – 2010 welcomes over 700 technologists, bringing together the best and brightest minds in the free and open source software community.

Compile and Install Latest VLC in Debian Lenny

This tutorial will show how to compile and install the latest VLC from source in Debian Lenny in several steps. The current version at the time of writing is VLC 1.0.1, so the tutorial should work successfully for it.

To Build Gnome-MPlayer on Debian 5.0 Lenny

After compiling MPlayer on Debian 3.1 Sarge, I looked for a decent frontend to MPlayer. I found two frontends, SMplayer and Gnome-Mplayer. I chose to try Gnome-MPlayer because I am a GNOME person

Install Nginx from source on Debian

At this moment, Debian provides Nginx 0.6.39 and I was wanting to run Nginx 0.7. The latest stable version is 0.7.64, so I thought I would put together a script to automate the download and installation for me.

Are you having a Debian key issue?

I’ve had issues with expired Debian keys periodically, and I’ve posted on it before but am even too lazy to look up my own entries on the matter.

Back from Debian: Meeting up with old Ubuntu.

What is weird is that, I can’t decide whether I want to use Debian or Ubuntu.

Software RAID on Debian Linux

Some days ago i installed RAID 1 on Debian Lenny (amd64 arch) without any troubles for now. I just was following Jerry’s description which is enough detailed to make no mistakes except maybe one thing.

Starting Applications At Boot with Debian

Starting applications when you’re Debian server reboots is easy. For this example, we’re going to start on boot an application called ‘laser.’

Compiling for your N900 on debian

Only snag is the pre-built version didn’t support long sms’s, so I needed to patch and re-compile. That means needing an arm cross-compiler, the build environment etc.

7 days to go to 2010!

We are anticipating great things to happen at 2010! With four fantastic keynote presenters: Gabriella Coleman, Benjamin Mako Hill, Glyn Moody, Nathan Torkington, and a terrific line up of speakers….

Installing Debian Lenny on an Alix 3D3 using your NSLU2

After having a bit of a nightmare getting any kind of live-system to boot on any mac in my flat (usb, cd etc), I realised that little sluggy which my brand new PC Engines board is due to, well not replace (particularly in my heart), but help out a little bit, was still faithfully sitting […]

Setting Up Freeswitch On Debian 5 (Lenny)

FreeSWITCH is an open-source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products scaling from a soft-phone up to a soft-switch.

Reading NTFS partitions in Debian Lenny

This is for some who face difficulty in reading NTFS partitions in Debian.

Creating an Rails 2.3.5 production environment on Debian Etch

I had the most difficulty with slightly older Debian (Etch) based hosts using Stable – as you might expect, these have older packages, some of which prove to be difficult when working with newer revisions of Rails and when using Github.

The Debian Pennybox

His email centers around the funding of infrastructure projects in the Debian distribution and ways to think about funding that avoid socio-political problems.

A brief history of Debian Linux

Debian was founded in 1993 by Ian Murdock, then a student at Purdue University, who wrote the Debian Manifesto which called for the creation of a Linux distribution to be maintained in an open manner, in the spirit of Linux and GNU.

Debian Lenny: Letting a network-time server manage your clock

The NTP service that uses network-time servers to keep your computer’s clock from drifting is another thing that Ubuntu includes by default but must be added to Debian if you want to use it.

Keeping Time In Debian With Virtualbox

I’ve been encountering an interesting issue recently with Debian running as a guest in side of VirtualBox on Windows XP. When I initially installed Debian, I told it to adjust the hardware clock to UTC.

Debian on the Lenovo X60T tablet PC

I originally intended to write a really long howto which amassed information from several other howtos and my own experimentation, but I was short on time, and the notes I made were sparse to say the least. So this post will only include small bits and pieces of unsorted information.

Upgrading postgresql databse server software on Debian Lenny

Because we have several servers that was upgrade from Debian Etch and the to Debian Lenny via the “apt-get dist-upgrade” path , I need to upgrade older instance postgresql 8.1 to postgresql 8.3 as smoothly as possible.

VirtualBox 3.1.2 in Debian Squeeze

A new release of VirtualBox is available in the Debian testing repositories. If already installed on your system, it will be automatically upgraded if you are using Debian testing.

How To Create A .DEB Package

This article wants to be an introduction to creating .deb packages, meaning I will not get into more advanced procedures like creating a menu entry, custom configuration, explaining the rules file and so on because this how-to would have ~20 pages or so.

Installing Debian on a Sun Fire X2200 M2

This works pretty easily, but there’s isn’t much information about how this works if you don’t like using a keyboard and a screen (having these things appears to be the norm for x86 hardware).

Ext4 and Debian/Lenny

I want to use the Ext4 filesystem on Xen DomUs. The reason for this is that the problem of fsck times on ext4 (as described in my previous post about Ext4 [1]) is compounded if you have multiple DomUs running fsck at the same time.

How to install the Adobe Flash Player on Debian systems

This post shows you how to install the Adobe Flash Player, formerly known as the Macromedia Flash Player, on Debian systems

Prettifying Debian boot output

I don’t always find Debian’s default output as clear as I’d like (especially when I haven’t had that coffee yet, or when I’m half watching a remote machine boot over its serial console).

Changes for Squeeze in Debian Installer

Normally an overview of changes is given when a new version of Debian Installer is released. However, a release has been in preparation for something like the past six months and it is currently unclear whether one will happen before or after the next ice age.

Secure IMAP Server on Debian GNU/Linux

This howto will describe the basic steps necessary to configure a Debian GNU/Linux system to provide IMAP email access with SSL encryption for a single domain.

Having a Translucent cursor in KDE4 on Debian

One of the things I liked about KDE3.5 and KDE4 on Ubuntu was that the mouse cursor was this translucent arrow which looked a lot better than the default one on Windows.

Debian (and Ubuntu, etc) Kernels for the Acer Aspire One

As I wrote about a couple days ago, I’m now the not-so-proud owner of an Aspire One, running Debian. (I love Debian; I kind of hate the Aspire One.)

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