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Misc developer news (#19)

In this issue: + GPG key signing coordination moved to + Debian OpenSSH VCS changeover, and call for help + Easier for customization on LXDE now + WNPP BTS report now categorised + Update about “3.0 (quilt)” source format

Does Debian Deviate From Standards Or Upstream?

So, the question remains: Is Debian deviating with Vixie cron from what would be considered “standard practice”? Well, to start, I pulled up the crontab(1) man page to see what it says regarding the matter.

Debian: nfs-kernel-server is broken

Since the end of December, a change in nfs-kernel-server package caused a change of behavior in some NFSv3 crucial services: rpc.statd, rpc.mountd.

Compile Aria2c on Debian Linux

Aria2 is a fast download utility that you use in the Command Prompt or xterm. To compile aria2 for Linux, install the following packages.

Keryx: Portable, Cross-Platform Offline Package Manager For Ubuntu / Debian

Keryx is a portable, open source and cross-platform package manager for APT-based (Ubuntu, Debian) systems. It provides a graphical interface for gathering updates, packages, and dependencies for offline computers. It is similar to “Sushi, huh?”, but easier to use and with a nice GUI.

Remotely Controlling X Windows on Debian GNU/Linux

This quickie howto will describe the basic steps necessary to configure a VNC server to enable remote control of the X Windows desktop environment on Debian GNU/Linux.

How to Install Adobe Flash in Debian Etch/Lenny/Sid

Flash Player is a cross-platform browser plug-in that delivers breakthrough Web experiences to over 98% of Internet users.

Debian lighttpd startup script

Who want to install the server from source have to take the Suse or RedHat rc-script as skeleton to write a own Debian startup script. I’ve done this and want to share the little script with you.

Catalyst on Debian

Because Catalyst is a rapidly evolving project, packages supplied by operating system vendors like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and many others have historically been outdated compared to the stable versions.

Installing Debian Testing “Squeeze”

This is the first time after a lot of years that I am installing Debian from scratch on my system, before this the last Debian version I installed from base was version 3.

Installing Redmine on Debian Etch

Here is a step by step summary of what I did to get to get Redmine up and running on Debian 5.x – If you don’t know what Redmine is, it is like Trac, but better and on Rails.

Easy Okra on Debian

I was installing Debian (testing release) on a netbook since my main laptop is away for repairs and I noticed the Ogre packages in the distribution. So far I have always compiled Ogre and its dependencies myself so I was curious how much work it would take to get the Okra examples running.

Rebuilding Debian Packages from Source

This quickie howto will explain the steps necessary to recompile a Debian software package on the local machine from source code.

Linux and Debian simple boot

Today I’ve been researching on Linux and Debian booting. There is an excellent article from IBM, which explains the procedure.

Improving password security in Debian

Most readers probably have installed Debian version 5.0 (Lenny) or an older version and are using shadow passwords with the md5 hash algorithm. This is not bad but not good enough.

Bits from the Lintian maintainers

The best news about Lintian is that Raphael Geissert has joined the team as an additional Lintian maintainer.

To Compile wpa_supplicant on Debian 3.1 Sarge

I was using good old Debian Linux 3.1 Sarge when I found out Sarge’s wpasupplicant couldn’t work well with ndiswrapper-supported Windows network drivers

Wake on LAN with Debian

To enable Wake on LAN on a Asus P5E-V motherboard under Debian you can do the following. Since I have a Asus motherboard, that’s the only one I’ve tested, but except from the BIOS (which may differ a bit), the instructions should be the same for all motherboards/NIC that supports Wake on LAN.

SCIM in Debian Lenny for Chinese Input

I have to struggle with this whenever I had a new Debian installation. SCIM does not work out of the box in Debian, so there’s some minor configurations to do. But I failed to note it down anywhere, just happily relying on Google.

Google sysadmin preaches Debian for software management

Merlin’s platform of choice is Debian GNU/Linux, which he said has the most comprehensive software library available for Linux. Merlin developed ‘getupdates’, a program to keep client software synchronized with a central server.

Why I’m running boring ol’ Debian Lenny, Part 1

Sure, Debian Stable is boring. There’s no fanfare every six months about the next release (and if I wanted newer everything, I could upgrade to Testing, currently Debian Squeeze).

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