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Installing PHP on Debian without Apache

When I recently went to install PHP on a server on which I did *not* want Apache, I learned that a simple, “apt-get install php5″ will install Apache.

The Debian/GNOME bug weekend

Do you like Debian? Do you like GNOME? Are you free on February 27-28? If so, please reserve your week-end, because you are going to help us do a massive cleanup in the insane amount of bugs submitted against GNOME packages.

Debian 6.0 Squeeze behind schedule

The Debian release team are sounding the alarm: With only one month left before the planned release freeze, the number of critical bugs in Debian 6.0 Squeeze is still far too high to freeze development and create the next stable version of Debian.

How to Play swf file on Ubuntu / Debian

swfdec-gnome is a very good Tool to play SWF files (Macromedia Flash) on GNOME. This package contains programs to integrate Flash functionality into the GNOME desktop.

Booting Debian on NexusOne with X11/Wifi from SD card.

This is a method to boot into Debian via fastboot on the nexus one from your SD-card. This is NOT a chroot Debian image, it is honest to goodness Debian running directly on the hardware

Debian Lenny and the Haskell platform

Currently there is no package for the Haskell-Platform in Debian stable. However, the source of this platform and GHC is available for download at ghc and platform.

Eeebuntu 4.0 Beta: Netbook OS based on Debian Linux

Today the Eeebuntu team launched the first public beta of Eeebuntu 4.0, which drops the Ubuntu base for Debian Linux.

Lenny based Debian Edu 5.0.4+edu0 available (aka Skolelinux)

Hi, I’m proud to announce Debian Edu 5.0.4+edu0 is finally ready for you to download and enjoy!

Compiling Subversion 1.6.9 from source on Debian Lenny (FSFS backend – apache2) bug workaround

This guide shows you how to compile Subversion 1.6.9 from source on Debian Lenny

Installing PHP 5.3, Nginx And PHP-fpm On Ubuntu/Debian

In this tutorial I will show you how to install it on your Ubuntu server. This tutorial also applies to Debian, though. There is only a very small difference.

Bits from the release team: Release schedule; the RT needs YOU

We hoped to freeze in March, but the current number of RC bugs makes this highly unlikely. From our experiences with previous release cycles, we wish to freeze only after the number of these bugs has dropped below the mark of 300

Planetarium Software for Young Children in Ubuntu / Debian Linux : Stellarium

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium Software for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.

LCA2010 raises over $33,000 in support of Life Flight Trust!

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Monday 8 February 2010 – 2010 is over, but the generosity of its delegates will leave a lasting impression on the Life Flight Trust.

RSS Installing & configuring shorewall firewall in Ubuntu/Debian

Shore line firewall known as “Shorewall”, it is a very high level firewall and very easy to install and configure

Installing Debian Lenny on virtualized ARM arch (with QEMU) on Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Yesterday I played with QEMU in order to run a Debian Lenny distro on a virtualized ARM arch. The Debian installation was easy thanks to this post of Chris Dew. I just wanted to point out what I did to get the virtual machine running after installing the distro.

Debian Linux on the Toshiba Libretto 100ct

I like to tinker with computers, and I wanted a machine that I could use to experiment with a full installation of Linux. I also wanted to restrict myself to a command line interface only to internalize the use on the console.

How To Upgrade Debian Etch To Lenny

Debian Etch is soon to be unsupported by the Debian team, there for all Debian Linux Servers need to be upgraded to Debian Lenny, I work for Netzen (an IT Support company) and have upgraded many Linux servers to Debian Lenny over the past month, So I am providing this guide on how to upgrade […]

Debian Lenny goes to 5.0.4, and so do I

When Debian issues a point release, as it just did with the current Stable distribution Lenny going from the 5.0.3 to 5.0.4, it’s no big deal. They happen. But you don’t need to throw out your Lenny install CDs or do any kind of reinstallation.

Debian Project and SERPRO partnership preliminary report 1

SERPRO, the Brazilian IT government agency, has been advancing in its collaboration with Debian Project. This is a first preliminary informal report about these advancements. This is not an official statement from Debian Project nor SERPRO, yet.

Setting up Gitweb on Debian

There are many blog posts and howtos about setting up gitweb on the web. Unfortunately none of those seems to work for me. Either you can’t check out via http or it’s just not working.

Trafficanalysis Using Debian Lenny

By using my Network Monitoring Appliance we noticed a link in MRTG always under heavy load. On this link a lot of different traffic aggregates, so we decided to analyze of what quantities of protocols and therefore applications the cumulative traffic consists.

Registration now open for DebConf10

Registration is now open for DebConf10! DebConf10 will take place in New York City, USA from Sunday August 1st through Saturday Aug 7th, 2010, with arrivals at our group lodging permitted as of 3 PM on July 31 and departures required by 11 AM on August 8. The conference is preceded by DebCamp from July […]

Resolving the /etc/hosts localhost Issue in Apache

This week I once again ran into a problem I’ve encountered before: issues caused by the default values in /etc/hosts used in several Linux distributions, including older versions of Debian and Ubuntu.

Disable ipv6 on Debian

After searching over the net, most people seemed to suggest that Debian (for some reason) defaults to ipv6 and apparently when its ipv6 requests don’t resolved properly it falls back to ipv4

How to configure maximum performance storage space for Debian GNU / Linux on IBM DS 8300 Data Storage Systems

The IBM DS 8300 Data Storage Systems are multi millions dollars flexible high availability and performance SAN machines. But you may left much of such performance and availability behind if you do not configure then correctly for Debian GNU / Linux.

Hitting the Debian Lenny sweet spot

During much of the time I was running Ubuntu, I told myself that I’d be running Debian instead, if only I could get everything working.

Use cdebootstrap to install Debian/Ubuntu Linux

Using the official CD from Debian or Ubuntu to install a fresh new system can be tedious if you just want a minimal or customized system. An alternative way to install Debian or Ubuntu is to use cdebootstrap.

Installing Python 3 on Ubuntu (and Debian) Linux

Since I’m really behind the notion of people moving to Python 3 (not only did I write a book about it, Python 3 is a better language), let me recap your options for installing Python 3 on Ubuntu systems. The same approach will work for Debian boxes.

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