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It’s that time of the decade: I’m reinstalling Debian

Throughout all of that, it’s still running the original sid that I put on it when it was new, dist-upgraded since then, copied to new disks via tar and netcat, but never reinstalled. So it’s probably been less than my average of 10 years on a given Debian install.

A Debian Package Primer: Part One

If you use a Debian-based Linux distribution and you aren’t familiar with the apt-get packaging system, you’re apt to fall in love with it.

An Easy and Inexpensive Quad-Core System for Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux

My son’s hand-me-down motherboard recently gave up the ghost, and I decided that was a good excuse for an upgrade. Shopping around, I found that multi-core CPUs were finally in my price range, so I decided to build him a quad-core system.

New adventures in Debian land

After my return to Debian I thought I could let you know about some of the pitfalls for returning Ubuntu users.

New releases of Ubuntu and Debian Images for Amazon EC2 (20100319)

I have released updates of the following legacy Ubuntu and Debian S3-based AMIs published in the “alestic” buckets: Ubuntu: 8.04 Hardy, 8.10 Intrepid, 9.04 Jaunty. Debian: 4.0 Etch, 5.0 Lenny

Install debian lenny on yeeloong 8089/8101

Yesterday I installed the debian lenny on yeeloong 8101, the 10.1 inch notebook based on loongson 2F CPU for a friend. Then I find there is less English document describing how to do this.

How-to Install Rsync in Debian Lenny

This mini how-to provides a comprehensive instruction on how to install Rsync in Debian Lenny (Linux). I’m using Rsync to synchronize files on several servers. Let’s install and configure rsync:

Configuring the Software Environment – Debian (Ubuntu) Systems

Debian systems use the dpkg system to manage the software installed on the host. Wrapped around dpkg is another suite of tools called the Advanced Packing Tool (APT) that you can use to download packages from a central repository.

Bits from the dpkg team

Hi! There’s been no general information about dpkg since Scott handed over dpkg maintenance to the new team. There’s been several announcements about specific features during this period though, the contents of which will be skipped here.

Debian Project Leader election 2010

We are in the campaigning period for this year’s Debian Project Leader (DPL) election; voting begins April 2, 2010. Platforms have been posted for each of the four candidates—Stefano Zacchiroli, Wouter Verhelst, Charles Plessy, and Margarita Manterola.

Revitalizing Debian Project News

Alexander Reichle-Schmehl is working hard to revitalize the Debian Project News with a group of volunteers – see what you can do to help them!

Dru Lavigne made me do it: I killed Debian, installed an unbootable Ubuntu, now I’m running FreeBSD 8.0 with GNOME

I’ve been running Debian Lenny since December and haven’t been in the distro hunt and done little but complain about Xorg sucking the very soul from anybody using Intel video chips that haven’t been made in the past year or so.

HOWTO Install Debian on an Sun LX50

While browsing through my backups, I also found this note from a former colleague of mine. I had a grin while reading. Im posting it though while maybe, out there, there are some lucky ones still owning an FKA Sun Microsystems’ LX50

DebConf10: register by April 15 for sponsorship consideration

Registration continues for DebConf10. Thursday 15 April is the early registration deadline. Registrations after that date will not be eligible for sponsored food, accommodation or travel.

MiniDebconf at Panama

Today is the last day of this conference, which has been a great experience of interaction between Central America and Caribbean communities.

Easy (and amazing) Debian for the N900.

By the time you read this my Nokia N900 will be packed up and on its way back to the kind folks who let me test it. As a last hurrah I spent my evening yesterday seeing how far I could push it; the results are fairly spectacular…

Getting twirssi working in Debian Lenny

All of my IRC is done from my main virtual machine, which is also my e-mail server and web server, and thus, it’s running Debian stable (currently lenny), unfortunately this does not include the Net::Twitter library that twirssi relies on.

Oracle 10g XE + PHP on Debian

I reinstalled my ye-old server today. It’s a old Celeron 700 with a whopping 512MB RAM! Even on this machine it’s possible to run the World’s Best Database: Oracle.

Installing Debian Squeeze (with dist-upgrade from Lenny) on Dell XPS 630i

I wanted to do a fresh install using an install CD for Squeeze, but unfortunately I had a couple problems that I couldn’t solve, so I decided to get a netinst (or businesscard) installer for Lenny and do dist-upgrade as soon as the basic system is working.

Xen and Debian/Squeeze

Ben Hutchings announced that the Debian kernel team are now building Xen flavoured kernels for Debian/Unstable [1]. Thanks to Max Attems and the rest of the kernel team for this and all their other great work!

Debian Testing and Edge Couch

I want a full Debian install with edge CouchDB installed. Yeah, there might be better distros for compiling things, but I really want to stick with with Debian.

Debian selected for the Google Summer of Code 2010

Debian has been selected as a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code 2010.

Bits from the New Maintainer process

Hello, Some time has passed since the last news from the New Maintainer process[1]. Several DD accounts are about to become 6 months old, which qualifies for becoming Application Managers should one wish to do so. Older accounts are also accepted.

ipv6 with debian

ipv6 is about ten years old, and it is well and largely supported by most operating systems. So, coming back to Debian, if you want to enable ipv6 in your machines, here’s how to…

Edge CouchDB on Debian

Last night, I got through the process of creating a base Debian image in VirtualBox. The process does not take too long, but long enough that I would be quite happy to skip it in the future.

RFH: DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship Team

In the spirit of openness, the DebConf 10 Organizers are soliciting volunteers for the DebConf 10 Travel Sponsorship team.

Base Debian Install on VirtualBox

I am determined to try out CouchDB 0.11. Since I don’t want to muck with the nice dev environment that I have going I will install that onto a VM. So I fire up VirtualBox and create a new VM:

A Debian first: female candidate in running for leader

For the first time in its 16-year history, the Debian GNU/Linux project has a woman in the running to become leader of the project when voting for the post takes place between April 2 and April 15.

Debian Project Pleased with Ten Times Faster Build Server

The Debian project was given a new server from Thomas Krenn AG, Intel and Adaptec for its image building. With the Dual-Xeon computer the build process was reduced from 20 to two hours.

Debian Project Leader Elections 2010: Candidates

Hi, We’re now a few days into the campaigning period. The candidates are….

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