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Installing Debian Linux; experiences, thoughts and opinions…

Staying true to my keenness to act upon random urges, I decided to install Debian on my Linux box, replacing Fedora. More here

I haven’t been a Linux user for too long, but I’ve heard my fair share of comments regarding Debian, and I’ve gotta admit, not all of them are of the praising kind… Of course I never trust people who rant about everything, since they usually turn out to be stupid and Windows fanboys, so I decided to find out for myself.

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  2. Comment by EricB — April 7, 2010 @ 4:53 am

    I’ve used Debian for two years and have enjoyed it better than many other distros. I’m currently using Squeeze/Sid with KDE4.x.y. The only issue that I’ve had has been DVD movie playback, but it has not been a high priority. It’s only been the last month that I can’t run it on my 7 year old PIII Dell Latitude because of i830 video issues. Getting a new Gateway laptop next moth and I will run Squeeze/Sid on it with KDE 4.x.y. Reason: it just works.

  3. Comment by Andy Goss — April 8, 2010 @ 7:34 am

    I installed KDE Squeeze on my new 64 bit PC. After some wasted time discovering that for an Intel 64 bit machine I needed the AMD 64 bit install the process went very smoothly. More time was spent finding out how to get a double row on the taskbar – that really should be the default I think. The clues I found on-line were out of date, and I only discovered the answer by chance.
    Mostly stuff worked, though I found the appearance fussy and claustrophobic, I much prefer the way Lenny does it. Maybe when it goes stable there will be better options. KNetDockApp looked awful. Adept seemed to be sick, so I didn’t use it, and the associated update notifier did nothing. In spite of that I would have persisted, but I could not get Audacity to record from the mic, and that, for me, is vital, so it was back to Lenny.
    Another concern was the new GRUB. I’m sure it is much better, but I tend to dual boot two Linuxes, the one I’m using and the one I have either moved from or am moving to, using the chainloader for one of them. This was easy with the old GRUB, but the new one seems a bit bodgy.
    When Squeeze goes Stable I’ll try again.

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