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Chrooting Apache2 With mod_chroot On Debian Lenny

This guide explains how to set up mod_chroot with Apache2 on a Debian Lenny system. With mod_chroot, you can run Apache2 in a secure chroot environment and make your server less vulnerable to break-in attempts that try to exploit vulnerabilities in Apache2 or your installed web applications.

How To Install Z-Push On An ISPConfig 3 Server (Debian Lenny)

Z-push is an implementation of the ActiveSync protocol which is used ‘over-the-air’ for multi platform ActiveSync devices, including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Sony Ericsson and Nokia mobile devices.

Debian Project News – April 12th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s first issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian Project Leader Election * Bits from the Release Team * Estimates of the number of Debian users * … and much more.

XCache in a Lighttpd Chroot on Debian

Within minutes of installing XCache: page load times were cut in half, PHP/MySQL RAM consumption was under control, and overall PHP rendering/output performance dramatically improved.

Installing debian on EeePC 1201HA

The first reference for installing debian on an Eee PC is The Debian Eee PC project. However it says on its models page that it does not fully support 1201HA, because it uses the Poulsbo chipset. The reason is that it’s not supported by mainstream debian:

New archive snapshot service available

The Debian project is proud to announce a new service, available at, a wayback machine that allows access to old packages based on dates and version numbers.

Debian/Testing and KDE4

I’ve just upgraded my Thinkpad (which I use for most of my work) to Debian/testing with KDE4. Kde 3.5 (from Debian/Lenny) didn’t properly display the applets in a vertical task bar.

Install Debian Linux from USB boot memory stick

There are more and more Laptops nowadays which do not have a CD/DVD-ROM facility build in but are able to boot from USB memory stick. This small guide provides all needs on how to create a bootable USB memory stick to install a Debian without a need for CD/DVD drive.

DPL 2010: Second call for votes

Hi, This is the second call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2010.

First Debian Mini Conference to be held in Germany

The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian operating system, is pleased to announce that the first Debian Mini Conference in Germany will take place on the 10th and 11th of June in Berlin as a subconference of this year’s LinuxTag.

Installing Debian Linux; experiences, thoughts and opinions…

Staying true to my keenness to act upon random urges, I decided to install Debian on my Linux box, replacing Fedora.

Apply for the Google Summer of Code at Debian!

The student application period for the Google Summer of Code has started since March 29th, but there is still time: the deadline is Friday, April 9th at 19:00 UTC

The role of the Debian ftpmasters

A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes before a release sees the light of day. Linux users who aren’t involved in the production of a Linux distribution may not fully appreciate all of that work. Take, for example, the work done by Debian’s ftpmasters team.

New mips porterbox available

Hi, I am pleased to inform you that we have a new powerful mips porterbox available. It is a Movidis Revolution x16 box, called Movidis donated four of those boxes, so two or three of them will run as buildd and one as porter box.

Debian Squeeze Linux – Where Is It?

The next major release of Debian GNU/Linux is taking shape – albeit without the explicit direction of a Release Manager and with some significant hurdles to overcome.

Debian Project Leader Elections 2010: Call for votes

Hi, This is the first call for votes for the Debian Project Leader Elections 2010.

Let’s resurrect Debian Weekly News (act the second)

Hi again! As you might remember, we once had a weekly newsletter informing our users and our fellow developers, what was going on in the “Debian Universe”. That was cool and we want to have these time back!

Bits from the Release Team: Scheduling, transitions, how to help

Hi, As promised, here’s an update from the Release Team. After we spoke with several teams recently, we have tried to come up with a plan for the upcoming transitions, freeze and release of Debian Squeeze.

Using RIP Dynamic Routing on Debian

Problem: Your networks aren’t all that complex, but you don’t want to hassle with manually configuring routes. Isn’t this the kind of work that computers should be doing, the repetitive boring stuff? Your routers are Debian-based.

(Final) Bits from (this) DPL

Hi folks, It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a summary of what I’ve been up to, and I apologise for that. I’ve been plenty busy enough, but rubbish at reporting back regularly. As it’s coming up to the end of my term and I’ll be handing over to a new DPL very […]

Thoughts on Ubuntu and Debian

I just came across a very interesting piece written by Keith Cary Curtis, titled Should Ubuntu Have Been Created. He makes some very interesting and valid points to support his contention that Mark Shuttleworth should have put his money into supporting and expanding the established Debian development effort, rather than creating an independent fork of […]

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