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Debian bug squashing party in Berlin

I want to organize a small bug squashing party in Berlin in July. It will take place during a weekday starting at 16:00 with open end in the rooms of Büro 2.0 in Neukölln

python 2.6 migrated to testing

Hi, we just used a big enough hammer to let python 2.6 migrate to testing; it’ll be pushed out to the mirrors with the next pulse.

More collaboration among Debian-based distributions: the Derivatives Front Desk

More collaboration among Debian-based distributions: the Derivatives Front Desk: The Debian Project has been promoting software freedom and delivering Free Software to users via its releases since 1993, when it was one of the first GNU/Linux distributions ever.

Debian vs. Ubuntu: Contrasting Philosophies

So what are the differences between these Siamese twins? Looking at installation, the desktop, package management, and community in the two distributions what emerges is not so much major differences as differences of emphasis, and ultimately, of philosophy.

Debian Project News – June 28th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s sixth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Bits from the Release Team * Call for volunteers for DebConf10 * Debian Live Web Images Builder * Results from the Debian community poll * FAI workshop 2010 * Debian Project at LSM/RMLL 2010 […]

bits from the DPL: meetings, derivatives, assets, sponsoring,…

Hello world, here is another update on the whereabouts of the DPL. Communication: I’ve attended LinuxTag and delivered a talk at the wonderful mini DebConf organized there. Slides of my talk are available [1], as well as a nice article about it on LWN [2] and another one on the German Linux Magazin [3].

Policy released

Debian Policy has been released. The next time you upload your packages, please review them against the upgrading checklist in the debian-policy package and see if they require changes for the new version of Policy.

Rip CD’s to MP3 in Debian

Debian doesn’t come with the ability to rip CD’s to MP3. The issue is discussed on the Debian forum. Ripping CD’s requires an encoder. LAME is the MP3 encoder used by Debian, and gstreamer0.10-lame is the package required. It can be installed by adding the Debian Multimedia repository.

debian repository

This “” seems to be a kind of load balanced servers. Theoretically, it should be good. But, not for me. I don’t really know why I always have problem with “”.

Even More Debian Updates, Flash Security

I have 42 updates this morning between the two computers on which I run Debian. These include a new kernel and updates for things ranging from cpio and tar to texlive to apt to openssl to gtk2.


This howto shows the way to create a trivial debian repository. Just a simple collection of deb package files. There are two debian repository types: automatic and trivial.

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 updated

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 updated: The Debian project is pleased to announce the fifth update of its stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (codename “lenny”). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustment to serious problems.

Apache And MySQL Monitoring With Bijk On Debian Lenny

This tutorial describes how you can monitor your server with the tool Bijk. Bijk creates online 30 graphs about load, CPU, memory, traffic, Apache, NginX, PostreSQL and others with alerts. Bijk can be used on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat and Gentoo

How To Set Up A Debian Linux WebCam Server Using a USB Web Cam

I searched many a newsgroup thread only to find there was only one message in the thread, the original question stating the problem. i.e. no one had an answer for the person who posted the question so you may be on your own trying to get your cam to work.

Generating Web Site Statistics With AWStats & JAWStats On Debian Lenny

This tutorial explains how you can generate statistics for your web site with AWStats and JAWStats on a Debian Lenny web server. AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web server statistics.

Benchmarking Debian’s GNU/kFreeBSD

There has been an effort underway within the Debian development community to pull the FreeBSD kernel within this distribution to provide an alternative to using the Linux kernel. In essence with this Debian GNU/kFreeBSD project you have the standard Debian package set providing a GNU user-land with a GNU C library, but the FreeBSD kernel […]

Tomcat Missing Java Standard Tag Libraries (JSTL) in Debian and Ubuntu

If you load Apache Tomcat onto your Ubuntu system, you’ll find that JSTL is missing. Trying the provided JSTL examples will thus result in failure, as will any normal operations that require the standard tag libraries.

How to convert (and fixup) the RedHat RPM to run on Debian/Ubuntu

In an earlier post I had shown how I got the Xplat agent running on Ubuntu. I perfected the technique over time, and what follows is a step-by-step process on how to convert and change the RedHat package to run on Debian/Ubuntu.

Install a scanner in debian (and problem solving in general)

In fact, installing the scanner in Debian wasn’t too difficult in the end. After quite a bit more Googling, I found an installation guide for Debian, the “backend” for my scanner and the correct firmware.

How to automatically reboot (restart) Debian GNU Lenny Linux on kernel panic, some general CPU overload or system crash

If you are a system administrator, you have probably wondered at least once ohw to configure your Linux server to automatically reboot itself if it crashes, is going through a mass CPU overload, e.g. the server load average “hits the sky”.

Debian: How to Install or Remove DEB Packages Using dpkg

Question: I would like to know how to install, uninstall, verify deb packages on Debian. Can you explain me with an example? Answer: Use dpkg to install and remove a deb package as explained below.

Results from the Debian Community Poll

A whopping number of 3258 submissions have been accepted and get analyzed now. Thanks to all participants!

Postfix Monitoring With Mailgraph And pflogsumm On Debian Lenny

This article describes how you can monitor your Postfix mailserver with the tools Mailgraph and pflogsumm. Mailgraph creates daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of sent, received, bounced, and rejected emails and also of spam and viruses, if SpamAssassin and ClamAV are integrated into Postfix

We want you for Squeeze artwork

In essence, the initiative is a Debian Squeeze artwork “contest” where Debian enthusiasts skilled in graphics can contribute themes and propose them to become the official/default theme for Debian Squeeze.

Install debian server in a linux chroot environment

Running Linux system inside a chroot environment allows a system admin to decrease an impact on a production server when the server gets compromised. Change root will change root directory to all current running processes and its children to a chroot jail

Debian 6.0 Squeeze expected to be released by the end of the year… if all goes well

Squeeze freeze was planed for December 2009, meaning it is already way behind schedule, and it looks that it is not so easy for the Debian project to switch to a fixed 2 year release cycle (or freeze cycle).

Debian Project At LSM/RMLL 2010

Debian Project At LSM/RMLL 2010: The Debian Project is happy to announce that it will be represented at the Libre Software Meeting / Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre (LSM/RMLL) event in Bordeaux, France, this year. At the booth, members of the project will be available for questions and discussions and will give a preview of […]

Automatically remove old kernels from Debian-based distributions

apt-get doesn’t clean old kernels, as it may screw up and render the system unbootable. However, leaving a lot of kernels in /boot often results in filling up the space. This is especially true of /boot is in a little partition on its own.

A Debian Packaging Howto

The New Maintainer’s guide does assume you have an existing tarball to work from, and that is often not the case if you just want to package up something you have made so I thought I would write a detailed walkthrough of packaging up something simple.

Building Debian Packages

Because we each modify the vm to fit in our specific environment, the need to enforce the existence of *packages* and not specific *configuration* is paramount – this turned out to be a godsend for us.

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