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python 2.6 migrated to testing

Hi, we just used a big enough hammer to let python 2.6 migrate to testing; it’ll be pushed out to the mirrors with the next pulse.

There’s a price we have to pay for this fast transition: A few packages are
uninstallable on one or another architecture because we couldn’t get them
to build fast enough. Also, first packages start to depend on other new
packages (i.e. atlas), so they couldn’t migrate. A few non-free packages
had to be removed because they are not binNMUable by our current
infrastructure; of course as always we’re happy to help them to migrate
again to testing once they’re fixed.

In other words, we’ll start binNMUs in testing soon to get rid of some

We decided to do it so fast to avoid this migration becoming one with some
otherwise already started. This also means that as of now, we need a few
days to sort remaining issues out, and to finish the final bits of python.
As next weekend there won’t be testing migrations due to ftp-master move,
don’t expect too much great news prior to that.

A normal release update will be sent out as usual when it’s ready.


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