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Disk Backup With Amanda On Debian Lenny

Amanda is an open source client/server solution to back up filesystems. Backups are triggered by the backup server, backup definitions are located on the servers but exclusion lists are located on the client.

Code freeze for Debian 6.0 Squeeze expected in August

As announced by Adam Barrat of the Debian Release Team on the project’s mailing list on Monday, the Debian developers are now only waiting until all the changes to the distribution caused by the update to Python 2.6 have been integrated. They plan to freeze Debian 6.0, code named “Squeeze”, immediately afterwards.

Doing things differently: ‘Easy Debian’ on Nokia N900

Easy Debian is a comprehensive script package that basically downloads and installs a desktop Linux OS on your N900. And why not? The N900 is already considered a mobile computer more than a smartphone, so why to go one step further and have a full blown OS in your pocket?

Bits from the Release Team: current status; where next; scheduling

Hi, As promised, another regular(ish) update on the state of the Squeeze release and our plans for the remainder of the cycle.

Debian Installer string freeze: translations to complete (deadline July 4th)

Debian Installer is currently under a full string freeze, as part of the preparation of an upcoming release (a release of Debian *Installer*, *not* a release of Debian).

Debian Project News – June 14th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s fifth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Debian Community Poll * Automatic installation of hardware-specific packages * Desktop artwork and themes for Debian “Squeeze” * Debian Installer string freeze coming up * Provisional list of talks for DebConf10 * License usage […]

Postfix Monitoring With Mailgraph And pflogsumm On Debian Lenny

This article describes how you can monitor your Postfix mailserver with the tools Mailgraph and pflogsumm. Mailgraph creates daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs of sent, received, bounced, and rejected emails and also of spam and viruses, if SpamAssassin and ClamAV are integrated into Postfix

openvz for Debian Squeeze

I am still at the OpenVZ booth at LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin. At least two people asked me about the status of OpenVZ kernel for the upcoming Debian Squeeze. Specifically, they said, there is no openvz kernel in “testing” repository (i.e. what will become Squeeze when it will be released).

Debian Community Poll

I have prepared a poll for users of the Debian operating system. We had the idea for the poll during the preparation of the MiniDebConf that is currently taking place in Berlin.

Verbal bits from the Debian Project Leader

LinuxTag 2010 is the host of a Debian miniconf; that, in turn, was where relatively new Debian leader Stefano Zacchiroli delivered a relatively high-energy “state of Debian” talk. According to Stefano, Debian is doing great, but can do better yet; he has some ideas for how to make the project better.

Building Linux kernels the Debian way

First we will install all prerequisites then download kernel source. Next step will be customization and as a last step we will create a Debian package with new Customized Linux kernel and install it.

Recent Debian update breaks Squirrelmail / Avelsieve

I’ve not yet tracked down exactly when and where this crept in, but recently when logging in to my web mail, I’ve been seeing an error message like this:Could not log on to timsieved daemon on your IMAP server localhost:4190.

DebConf10, reconfirmation deadline, provisional list of talks

Hi! DebConf10 is quickly approaching and the DebConf team is working hard on getting everything ready. We are hoping to see you here from August 1-7.

Howto build your own Debian repository

If you write software for Linux and you write them for Debian systems (Debian, Ubuntu, and others) you may want to provide your software as .deb installation packages. And one day eventually you will want to set up a repository so others can download and install your software without fuzz.

N900 Easy Debian, After PR 1.2

There’s a new version of Easy Debian in Extras-testing that has a much better method for getting the keyboard working in LXDE after the PR 1.2 firmware update changed things.

Using gtkpod with an iPhone or iPod Touch in Debian

You will need to initialize your iphone/ipod-touch with iTunes on Mac or Windows and transfer at least one track first.

How to build a Debian package

This howto only gives you brief steps to build a Debian package for your program. It is not a great tutorial, but it will help me to remember the steps I have to do when I want to build DeTraS and I hope it will help you in the process of building a package

Install Tomcat in Debian

Installing Tomcat in Debian and Ubuntu servers is very easy. Here you can see the simple steps to install Tomcat in Debian and Ubuntu servers.1. Install Tomcat with necessary packages.

Debian Squeeze Pre-review

Every two years or so, Debian puts out a new “stable” release. This is my favorite distribution because of the minimal number of bugs and the huge software repositories and the powerful package manager.

How to build a pure-ftpd Debian package for OpenVZ virtual machines (without capabilities enabled)

The pure-ftpd package that comes with Debian 5.0 (Lenny) does not start in a OpenVZ virtual machine as it is compiled with “capabilities”. This tutorial describes the steps to build a pure-ftpd Debian package with capabilities disabled…

Automatically Deploy Debian Firewalls with bash scripting

This is the first in a series of posts here where we will explain and share shell scripts that automate the deployment process of several key debian linux based systems. These scripts automate the patching, configuration and implementation of said systems.

How to add the VirtualBox keyring to Debian and Ubuntu

This blog post explains how to add the Sun and Oracle VirtualBox keyring to Debian and Ubuntu, to prevent apt-get update from complaining.

debian linux and wacom bamboo

Finally, this link got me unstuck! I had my fairly new Wacom Bamboo (CTL-460) tablet working in debian last fall (thanks to some help) but it then broke sometime early spring because of upgrades of kernel and Xorg.

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