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PGP v3 support dropped from Debian keyring

As announced that the end of April[0] we have dropped support for v3
keys from the Debian keyring. At present this means debian-keyring.pgp
still exists, but is an empty file. Once we have confirmation from DSA +
FTP master that they have updated any scripts referencing
debian-keyring.pgp we will look at removing it altogether.

This change affects the following 17 DDs; if your name is not on this
list you shouldn’t notice anything different:

0x225FD911CD269B31 Carlos Barros
0x31E73F14E298966D James R. Van Zandt
0x366CD3FEEBC11B01 Chris Waters
0x37A73FE355E8BC4D Frederic Lepied
0x3E973117DCC528E9 Ardo van Rangelrooij
0x5C7A46637953F711 Rich Sahlender
0x5D6560F85F30F005 Craig Brozefsky
0x6B0E322836129171 Jim Westveer
0x723724B4A5B6DD31 Christian Meder
0x8FFC405EFD5A67CD Adam Di Carlo
0xC1A0A171C2DCD3B1 Jim Mintha
0xC3168EBA23F5ADDB Ian Jackson
0xCE951B1160D74C7D Patrick Cole
0xE82A8B0D57137FE5 Paul Seelig 0xF20E242CE77AC835 Brian White
0xFBAA570C3087194D Alan Bain
0xFFD1B4AC7C19FD19 David Engel

The above will no longer be able to perform any action within Debian
that relies on their PGP signature, such as uploading packages or voting
in elections/GRs.

We urge any developer listed above to generate a new key, get it signed
by other DDs and then contact us so that we can perform a key
replacement for them. Rule for replacement are available at [1]. If you
are no longer active within Debian then please resign cleanly from the
project by mailing -private as per the developer’s reference.



— If I hold really still maybe all of this will just go away.

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