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Setting Up HPHP Build Environment in Ubuntu/Debian

I have patched and debianized libcurl, libevent and several other packages with Facebook’s patches so you no long need to compile them by yourself. These packages were tested in Ubuntu 9.04/9.10/10.04LTS and Debian5.

DebConf10: the Debian Project

After ten editions in nine countries spanning four continents, and for the first time in the US, the Debian project is holding the annual Debian Developer conference, DebConf, at Columbia University in New York City on August 1.

Debian NFS server – Ubuntu NFS client

NFS is a great way to share and get access to files across a network. The NFS system gives the option to mount a NFS from an external system and a local mount point on your locale system. To get this working, you need to systems – a server and a client.

Debian Project News – July 12th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s seventh issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Bug Squashing Party – Munich * Organise a “DebianDay” in your city? * Bits and request for help from the listmasters * Report from FAI workshop 2010 * Bits from the Debian Project Leader […]

Installing OpenQRM on Debian 5.0

The OpenQRM installation is quite difficult if you ask me. I have tried installing on both Debian and Ubuntu with the precompiled .deb packages and directly from the Debian and Ubuntu repository. Everything seems to fail in one way or the other. But I finally got it working and here is how I did it.

Firefox returns to Debian?

Now Firefox has dropped the restrictions that were an obstacle to the use of its logo by Debian, and there is hope that the other issues may be worked out to allow Firefox back to Debian, I discover on the Debian Forum.

Debian FTP archive for Etch –

Debian Etch has been discontinued for a while now, and in an ideal world everyone has upgraded to lenny a long time ago. Still, this is not always possible and there are some systems out there that are still running etch, some for a good reason, some just because their admins are lazy

Install Imule On Debian Lenny

When I write these lines, the latest version of Imule is 1.4.6 here. But … It relies on packages version (libgcj10, libstdc++6) that are released with the unstable (sid) version of Debian. So either you upgrade Debian to unstable version or you choose a lower version of Imule.

Debian on desktop systems

What I expected to happen some time ago, is finally becoming reality: Debian is now my favourite distribution for desktop systems. First I installed Debian on my new Samsung N210 netbook and I was very pleased with the result. Shortly after that, my father experienced a bug while trying to print in Firefox on Mandriva […]

Installing PowerDNS (With MySQL Backend) And Poweradmin On Debian Lenny

This article shows how you can install the PowerDNS nameserver (with MySQL backend) and the Poweradmin control panel for PowerDNS on a Debian Lenny system. PowerDNS is a high-performance, authoritative-only nameserver – in the setup described here it will read the DNS records from a MySQL database (similar to MyDNS), although other backends such as […]

How To Create A Debian VM With Qemu

The first part of this tutorial, you hopefully need to do only once: creating a fresh Debian system. In the second part we will build on this image to create many different servers.

Installing Maia Mailguard On Debian Lenny (Virtual Users/Domains With Postfix/MySQL)

This guide explains how to install Maia Mailguard, a spam and virus management system, on a Debian Lenny mailserver. Maia Mailguard is a web-based interface and management system based on the popular amavisd-new email scanner and SpamAssassin.

Debian by its numbers, as seen by keyring-maint

At keyring-maint, we got a request by our DPL, querying for the evolution of the number of keys per keyring – This can be almost-mapped to the number of Debian Developers, Debian Maintainers, retired and deleted accounts over time since the keyrings are maintained over version control.

Recover/Restore unbootable GRUB boot loader on Debian Testing GNU/Linux using Linux LiveCD (Debian Install CD1)

Thus yesterday while switching on my notebook I was unpleasently surprised with an error Grub Error 17 and the boot process was hanging before it would even get to grub’s OS select menu

Create SVN (Subversion) web statistics on Debian Lenny Linux with mpy-svn-stats and

I’ve recently desired to have a visualized statistics on how many commits, imports, people who commit into subversion’s repositories,graphs showing up the most active comitters, commits into the all subversion repositories grouped by month, week etc.

Debian Editions

For those who want the bleeding edge in Debian, sidux is for you. All the while, Linux Mint is contemplating on switching its code base from Ubuntu to Debian Testing. Well and good. It’s time for a great community distro like Linux Mint to step out of the shadow of Canonical and its commercial interests.

Setting up file sharing on debian lenny

If you have installed Debian Lenny with file sharing (in the lenny installer), you will need to add users to that installation and specify folders that need to be shared, here i will show you how to add a user and share a folder with that user.

How to install MySQL on Ubuntu/Debian

It may seem easy for some, but for others, installing MySQL on Ubuntu or Debian Linux is not an easy task. This article explains to you how to install the MySQL Server and Client packages on a Ubuntu/Debian system. move to another machine

As I wrote to d-d-a this morning, we are currently moving the ftp-master service from ries to franck. At the same time the release team moved their service over too.

Yet another tale of converting Debian packaging to Git

racket (previously known as plt-scheme) is an interpreter/JIT-compiler/development environment with about 6 years of subversion history in a converted git repo. Debian packaging has been done in subversion, with only the contents of ./debian in version control. I wanted to merge these into a single git repository.

Increasing the priority of Debian experimental

Sometimes you throw packages from experimental into the mix, if you want to get the latest stuff that isn’t yet fully integrated into the rest of Debian.

bits from listmasters and [RFH] lists.d.o web archive

Hi, The listmaster team’s main duty is to keep our mailing list software functional. This includes constantly improving our spam filters, creating and maintaining lists, supporting our subscribers and providing our list archive.

Call for keys for keysigning in New York City, USA during DebConf10

As part of the 11th Debian Conference in New York City, USA, there will be OpenPGP (pgp/gpg) keysignings.

Debian Opens “Front Desk” for Derivatives

One of the reasons derivative projects don’t give back is how difficult and time consuming the process can be. Many just don’t know what to do. So Debian has created a contact point to facilitate the practice.

Skype on Debian Testing (Squeeze) 64-bit (Workaround)

Although not free software, Skype is found on many Linux installations. A couple of bugs in Debian testing prevents it from running properly. This guide supplies a workaround to get it working.

PGP v3 support dropped from Debian keyring

As announced that the end of April[0] we have dropped support for v3 keys from the Debian keyring. At present this means debian-keyring.pgp still exists, but is an empty file.

Setting Up libcdio for Ruby on Debian Lenny

I am on the verge of a writing a program to read a list of tracks from an audio CD in C but since i also program Ruby i am playing around with it using an already existing library. This is how to set it up on a debian machine.

Samsung N210 netbook on Debian GNU/Linux

I have removed the Windows 7 Starter edition which was installed on this system and installed Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze (currently testing) on it. I decided to go for Debian because it is quickly becoming my favourite distribution

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