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Debian at FSCONS 5-7 November 2010 (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Hi! Since 2007 the Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is held in
beatiful Gothenburg, Sweden. FSCONS is great not only because it is a truly
awesome free software conference, but also because it has a wider societal focus
on freedom.

Debian has always had a presence at FSCONS in some form, devrooms, talks etc.
Last year, there was almost a separate Debian track. The presence has always
been widely appreciated by conference attenders.

If there is an interest we can have a Debian meetup on the side. I think that,
if some people are interested and will come, we could have a general Debian
workshop at the conference for a few hours.

If people want to take part in a Nordic Debian meetup at FSCONS I believe that
we can receive sponsorship for it. [0] A Debian-Nordic group would give a
platform for a vibrant and more active Debian community in the Nordic region.

Also, it is nice to meet AFK. ūüėČ

Practical information about FSCONS


Best regards,

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