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How To Configure PureFTPd To Accept TLS Sessions On Debian Lenny

FTP is a very insecure protocol because all passwords and all data are transferred in clear text. By using TLS, the whole communication can be encrypted, thus making FTP much more secure. This article explains how to configure PureFTPd to accept TLS sessions on a Debian Lenny server

Preview: Debian 6 “Sqeeze” (Part 1: GNOME)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Debian 6 “Squeeze” will be released soon. Why? I’m testing the new Debian live images which were first released a week ago (and are daily builds — this one is the 2010 October 3 build); before that, the most recent live image available was […]

Debian squeezes Chromium back in

You might have read elsewhere that Debian has squeezed out Chromium. As of today, Debian has also squeezed Chromium back in. Does that mean that Debian Developers change their mind too often? Surely not.

How to install Linux Debian

Today I’ll show you how to install Debian into your server. Basically, Debian is way straight forward and quite easy to install for beginners

delegation for the Debian auditors

I’m happy to announce that Martin Michlmayr has volunteered to help out with the job of Debian Auditor. Hence we now have a Debian Auditor *team* formed by Martin and Luk Claes. Below you can find a comprehensive delegation for the two of them.

Debian to be at the Society for Neuroscience meeting

The Debian project is pleased to announce its presence at the Society for Neuroscience meeting (SfN2010) that will take place November 13-17 in San Diego, USA [1]. Debian will present the upcoming release Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” and demonstrate its utility as a robust and versatile research environment for neuroscience.

Copying Debian package selections to a new machine

What if one has an Intel Pentium-based processor and the other has an AMD64? In that case what you need is some way to replicate the package selection but use the appropriate ones for the new architecture. Enter dpkg.

bits from the DPL: let’s Squeeze, GR, delegations, events, …

Dear Developers, another month has passed: it’s time for some new “DPL SPAM” on d-d-a!

New branch on Debian?

Today I have read a post from Raphael Hertzog, taking about the possibility of a new Debian branch to be created. Debian already has three branches for those not familiar with it, O.K. maybe four branches.

Debian Edu lenny 5.0.6+edu1 released

Hi, it’s a pleasure to announce the first point release (+edu1) of our Debian Edu Lenny release.

Four days: Removing some uncertainty from debian-mentors

When there are humans involved, silence isn’t always golden. So now I have a plan: Niels and I promised that any email to debian-mentors will be answered within four days.

Debian Project News – October 4th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s thirteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Constantly Usable Testing (CUT) update * Bits from the FTP Team * Report about this year’s “Google Summer of Code” * Bits from the Publicity Team * … and much more.

New Backports Suite created

The Backports Team is pleased to announce the availability of a new suite on backports: lenny-backports-sloppy. Please read carefully before considering using or uploading to it what this entails.

Call for Votes – GR: Debian project members

The following ballot is for voting on a General Resolution on Project’s membership procedures. The vote is being conducted in accordance with the policy delineated in Section A, Standard Resolution Procedure, of the Debian Constitution.

How to install OpenQRM 4.7 with LXC containers in Debian Squeeze/Lenny: Step by Step

OpenQRM 4.7 was released on September 30, 2010 with LXC support. Wonderful product. I hope that this information is useful to those who are interested. And thanks to Matt and OpenQRM developers for the hard work!

Deploying Go web services behind Nginx under Debian or Ubuntu

The server already had an Apache installation serving some simple web sites, so I had to find a way to continue to serve them while serving requests to the new Goto service.

The FAI project gets its own domain name

For more than 11 years now, FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) lived happily at Now that it’s grown up, it finally deserves its own home at This also means less typing for all of FAI’s friends.

A constantly usable testing distribution for Debian

Debian’s “testing” distribution is where Debian developers prepare the next stable distribution. While this is still its main purpose, many users have adopted this version of Debian because it offers them a good trade-off between stability and freshness. But there are downsides to using the testing distribution, so the “Constantly Usable Testing” (CUT) project aims […]

Debian related questions ? We can help. In your language

there’s now a shapado instance running at Shapado it’s a community-based question and answer system, essentially meant to provide user support on a specific topic. It will work if we’ll reach critical mass, otherwise it won’t work. So if you want to give it

Disable IPv6 The Right (Debian) Way

With the native implementation in modern operating systems and software, IPv6 support has grown in recent years; however, the existing infrastructure just isn’t ready. As a result, a number of applications behave as though an IPv6 network is available, which not only wastes CPU cycles, but can also decrease application response time.

Python script to backup mysql databases on Debian servers

Here’s a short python script I must have knocked up some time ago – and totally forgotten – hopefully it’ll be of some use to others….Purpose: backup all MySQL databases, one in each file with a timestamp on the end. You’ll probably want to have a secondary cron job which does something like……..

Ruby dissonance with Debian, again

The key difference in Debian’s worldview with Ruby’s is they cater to Fellow programmers. Even leaving aside heaps of different positions and worldview/mindset, we have a fundamental difference: Debian cares about its users, whatever that means.

Release Update: freeze guidelines, transitions, BSP, rc bug fixes

I’m trying to think up a pithy remark or comment to add to the top of the mail, or perhaps a small picture. However, someone decided to announce a freeze a while back, so there’s a few hundred threads on the release mailing list asking for unblocks. So instead, you’ll have to make do with […]

FOSDEM 2011 call for talks

Hello World, Debian has been a constant presence at FOSDEM for the past few years, and this year will be no different.

How to configure a dedicated Debian server for LAMP

Here is a short memo that I use for quickly reinstalling an operational configuration under Debian / Apache2 / PHP5 / Mysql for hosting web sites on a dedicated GNU/Linux hosted server.

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