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Bits from the Website Team

This status message is long overdue, hope not all of you have lost
trust yet that the webteam is actually doing work.

Move of www-master to Another Host
As you might have (or more likely, NOT have) noticed, www-master moved
at the last of september to a new home. This is an important step for
us that the DSA team pes^H^H^Hsuggested us to take since a pretty long
time. The most important part is that we managed to document along the
path the requirements that needs to be built correctly.

So where does this take us? Given that we have a new playground this
takes us closer to $deity, or rather opens up a lot of new options.
Through the documentation along that path the setup is pretty clean and
allows us to start experiment with new things.

Website Redesign
The redesign process is still going on, integrating Kalle Söderman’s
work. Just recently thanks to Martin Zobel-Helas we have a new test
site set up: planet[KDp] is the next step to bigger coverage and
overall look&feel. This makes available these previews: www[KDw],
wiki[KDi], packages[KDk], git[KDg], lists[KDl], dsa[KDd] and

On KallesDesign[KD] in the wiki you can find the progress of the
redesign work together with links to sites which are available for
testing. Not all of them are regularly rebuilt so they are not meant
for daily exclusive use instead of the main sites until further noticed.

If you experience display issues with a specific web browser please
report it to us, patches against CSS are welcome.

Helping the Webteam
You are skilled in design/CSS or coding/Perl, know about the
firebug/webdeveloper toolbars, are ready to understand required
constraints of websites and want to make them clearer and
improve navigation? Join us, there are plenty of bugs[bug] to solve
and improvement to be achieved.

Even if you don’t see yourself in the above mentioned skills, you still
can help the web team in various ways: People working on the content of
specific subparts (like events pages, users or consultants subareas) are
also very welcome. You don’t need much knowledge about the above
mentioned parts, just being willing to dig into stuff and invest a bit
of time every now and then.

Contact Us

Thanks for your attention!

[KDi] – German language local group wiki

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