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Guidelines for applying as non-uploading DD

Hello, After the last GR[1] passed, it’s time to publish the initial version of the procedure we have in place at the moment, so that people can apply.

As usual with the New Maintainer process, the process is something that
gets optimised over time as we gather feedback and experience with it.


Guidelines for applying as non-uploading DD

In order to apply as non-uploading DD, just apply normally as a DD on (Check all boxes even if you don’t upload

The advocacy itself is half of the process. It should show past
experience somewhat in detail, with links to webpages, commit logs, bug
reports, or any other traces people have left behind. Names of other
involved people will help to gather more feedback.

The reason for this is: since there is no check of tasks & skills, and
we are likely looking at activity in parts of Debian were past activity
is hard to see, or with which DAM may be unfamiliar. We need to be told
where we can find things.

Similar to uploading DDs, we need a strong advocacy [AM]. Even without
uploading, a DD has important responsibilities: votes are the most
authoritative form of decision making in the project; access to Debian
machines makes compromised gpg or ssh keys attack vectors.


Now, this does not mean that an advocacy message should be a cumbersome,
long and convincing thing that takes a day to write. It’s more to do
with what is written on it.

This is, for example, a perfectly good advocacy message that can be
written in less than a minute:

I have personally worked with NAME for a
sufficiently long time and I know NAME is already a respected member
of the Debian community and can be trusted to have full, unsupervised,
unrestricted access to Debian resources.

Advocates who are desperately short of time can even reuse that bit and
fill in the blanks: we really don’t mind as long as they mean it, sign
it and put their reputation behind it. Adding information about the
applicant work however helps speed up the rest of the process, since it
means we can just read it instead of having to ask about it.

In principle we require only one advocacy, but may ask for more
advocacies, or ask advocates for more details, on a case by case basis.
Applicants are welcome to encourage as many collaborators as possible to
advocate them.

We recently moved advocation to the debian-newmaint mailinglist (as it
had been the case for DM advocation for some time). Follow-ups on
advocations (even if mere “me too” style) are very welcome.


The new maintainer process for non-uploading DDs

The process for non-uploading DDs is similar to the existing one for
DDs, except it’s greatly scaled down, with most technical bits removed.
That was after all the main point of having non-uploading DDs in the
first place.

One still gets an AM assigned and a few questions asked about philosophy
and procedures, but that should mostly be it.

Of course, people still need a signed gpg key, and need to agree to
uphold our SC, the DFSG, and the DMUP.

The Debian Account Managers
Joerg Jaspert
Christoph Berg
Enrico Zini

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