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Four years with Debian Testing

I first met Debian because of Ubuntu (I was using Fedora in that time), I was introduced to Ubuntu Dapper Drake in August 2006 more or less, and then when I realized it was based on Debian, I decided to test Debian, and started with Debian Sarge the stable release in that time.

How to install Samba Server in Ubuntu or Debian

With the arrival of another computer system at home was necessary to get fast access to a collection of movies and music stored on the server through FTP, however it is not convenient. Hence in order to get fast access, you must configure Samba server in Ubuntu or debian whatever you use, a detailed installation […]

5 reasons why Debian Unstable does not deserve its name

Debian Unstable (also known as sid) is one of the 3 distributions that Debian provides (along with Stable and Testing). It’s not conceived as a product for end-users, instead it’s the place where contributors are uploading newer packages.

Compiling Dropbox client under Debian Squeeze

I was recently invited into Dropbox cloud file sharing service by a friend of mine and as it usually happens – you can install client easy in Ubuntu and Fedora, but not in Debian. To be more precise, Dropbox ships only deb file for Ubuntu, which did not work for me, because of the depenendy […]

Introducing the “Debian’s Automated Code Analysis” (DACA) project

It’s been a while since I started working on this project and even longer since I had the idea. It’s therefore a pleasure to finally announce the DACA project.

Avoid a newbie packager mistake: don’t build your Debian packages with dpkg -b

In the last years, I have seen many people try to use dpkg –build to create Debian packages. Indeed, if you look up dpkg’s and dpkg-deb‘s manual pages, this option seems to be what you have to use…

Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” to be released with complete free Linux kernel

The Debian project has been working in removing non-free firmware from the Linux kernel shipped with Debian for the past two release cycles. At the time of the releases of Debian 4.0 “Etch” [1] and 5.0 “Lenny” [2], however, it was not yet possible to ship Linux kernels stripped of all non-free firmware bits. Back […]

Release Update: deep freeze, remaining bugs, schedule, themes and Wheezy

Hello! Another month has passed since our last email, and we’re just missing you all so much, so we thought we’d write and let you know what we’re up to.

Installing Debian Squeeze from Hard Disk

Unfortunately the Debian installer does not work on my Dell desktop box. I still wanted to do a fresh install of Squeeze, and the only sensible option for me is to install off hard disk. This method may work well even if I have working install USB stick/CD media.

OpenVZ Project Releases Templates To Create Debian Virtual Private Servers

Debian Sarge has been added to the OpenVZ Template lineup today. This will allow admins to provision Debian Sarge distributions to grant access to Debian users to the open source software that is available on each and every Debian VPS Servers built on a OpenVZ Project server

Running Dell OMSA 6.3 under Debian Lenny

Earlier this year Dell finally announced a version of their OpenManage Server Administrator suite for Ubuntu systems. This means that there’s now an officially-maintained version of OMSA compiled and packaged for a Debian-like system.

Debian and Red Hat close Exim hole

Four days after a security hole was discovered in the free Exim mail server, the developers of Debian and Red Hat have released corrected versions for their Linux distributions.

USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter on Debian Squeeze

My Lenovo T410s has a rather small 80 GB SSD, and with the amount of data that I need to deal with these days, something like mounting network drive isn’t fast enough for me. So I decided to try USB 3.0, since I have an open ExpressCard slot.

People behind Debian: David Kalnischkies, an APT developer

I interviewed David Kalnischkies who is not (yet) a Debian developer. But he’s contributing to one of the most important software within Debian—the APT package manager—since 2009. You can already see him in many places in Debian sharing his APT knowledge when needed.

How to install Firefox 4 Beta on Linux

This howto explains how to install Firefox 4 (Beta) on Linux distros, without replacing your current Firefox installation.

How to Update the Debian Lenny Kernel

Debian is a version of Linux established in 1993. It has three distinct release branches: stable, testing and unstable. Debian “Lenny” was released on November 27, 2010, and is the current stable distribution as of 2010. Updating the kernel in Debian is accomplished through the built-in “apt-get” update system.

Debian chroot on Synology NAS

Last week I decided to by myself an early X-mas present: a Synology DS211 NAS to replace my power hungry desktop PC to share my data on the network. The main reason I bought this NAS is the fact that it runs Linux, it is highly ‘customizable’ (you can install extra software packages) and it […]

Debian Project News – December 8th, 2010

Welcome to this year’s seventeenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include: * Updated Debian GNU/Linux: 5.0.7 released * Debian WWW Sprint * ZFS support in “Squeeze” * Interview with Debian Developer Colin Watson * Further “This week in Debian” interviews * … and much more.

Debian Installer 6.0 Beta2 release

The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the second beta release of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze.

Next Debian release to support ZFS

The next release of Debian GNU/Linux, Squeeze, will include support for ZFS using the official installer. This means that Debian will become one of the first GNU/Linux distributions to support the filesystem, according to developer Robert Millan.

Properly install VirtualBox 4 beta in Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint (and other Debian/Ubuntu derivatives)

I downloaded deb of VirtualBox beta 1 from the beta packages page of Oracle website and installed it. However, while launching Virtual Machines created with Oracle VirtualBox 3.x (closed source version), I got the following error

Inappropriate use of the Debian logo?

The debian-legal is a great source of knowledge about legal issues related to FLOSS. A couple of days ago one of the contributors sent a mail informing that a computer shop has taken the Debian logo and used it for his business.

FOSDEM 2011, second CfT

At the end of September, I called for talk submissions for the FOSDEM 2011 distributions miniconf. Unfortunately, to date, the number of submissions (from Debian and other distributions alike) has been abysmally low. It would be a shame if the two rooms which the miniconf was assigned for two days would be mostly unused.

Installing ATI Proprietary Linux Driver (fglrx) on Debian Lenny 5.0 Stable 64 bits

I am one of those unlucky peoples who happen to own a laptop equipped with an ATI graphic card, while being strongly attached to the open source world…

How to install debian on Samsung Galaxy Tab

The instruction of setting up debian in G1 is in saurik’s site here.. But some of the information are outdated, as the rooting is very simple now and the busybox comes with one click z4root

Interview with Raphaël Hertzog: Is Ubuntu beneficial for Debian?

Today I’m presenting you my first interview, today is the turn of Raphaël, a Debian Contributor. I’ve meet Raphaël on his blog. He is interviewing other Debian contributors, and I’m interviewing him, continue reading and know him better.

Goodbye Fedora, welcome back Debian, Part 2: Review of Debian Squeeze

Users of Linux can save themselves a lot of time, trouble, heartache and pain by taking the path of least resistance and using a distribution that works with their hardware out of the box.

Debian and Ubuntu – collaboration and issues

This little or perhaps slightly long post would detail the good and bad I have been observing within the Debian community and the influence that Ubuntu has been having, for both good and bad .

DebConf11 to take place in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2011

DebConf11 to take place in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 2011

Debian’s GNU/kFreeBSD Installer Will Support ZFS

While Debian GNU/kFreeBSD has supported the ZFS file-system with its FreeBSD-8 kernel, support for installing the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD distribution to a root ZFS file-system will now be possible with the Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” release.

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