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Mintifying Debian

Happily, another of the virtues of LMDE is that is aims to be fully compatible with her parent and, therefore, one can always do a regular Debian installation with the advanced options he or she needs and then mintifying it by adding the Mint repositories. The result does not look exactly like a fresh LMDE […]

Debian Squeeze cleans up the grub2 wallpaper in desktop-base, and we’re a bit closer to Stable

Previously the Debian logo in the lower right side of the Grub screen tended to obscure the portion of the boot message that tells you how many seconds are left until the machine boots automatically.

Updated: The perfect light Debian with Fluxbox

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I use to work on Desktops PCs, one in my office and one in my Home, I use my Laptop (an old IBM T30) only when I travel, and as I like to travel light, this also goes for my Laptop, so here I will show how do […]

DACA Could Mean Fewer Bugs in Debian

Every piece of software written has bugs. From the insignificant to the showstopper, bugs are there despite the herculean efforts of developers. But thanks to a new Debian project, many previously undetected bugs may finally get squashed.

My Switch To FOSS (Debian, QEMU, Mercurial, vi & Python) For My 5th-Gen Framework

It’s with these changing-world realizations in mind that I set out on my fifth-generation system designed to re-capture the super-powers that I lost in the Web’s evolution. Or rather: what good is being an old-school superhero if everyone on the planet just got better powers than you?

How to install build-essential in Debian

If you try to install build-essential package in Debian without CD-rom, you are just stuck in several situation. :-(The reason that apt-get command cannot install the package is your source.list is old or wrong.

Force users to use more secure login password with pam_cracklib

One of the factor that makes your system easily crackable is the weak password. PAM cracklib forces users to choose stronger password by analyzing the password strength, length and entropy.

Rejoining Debian

A couple of months ago, Debian project membership voted, after extensive discussion, to implement a fundamental change in the Debian community: to welcome as members people who make a valuable contribution to the project, even if they are contributing something other than source code.

Set the timezone on Debian 5 Lenny

I’m always forgetting how to set the timezone on a Debian 5 Lenny server when I set up a new one so this quick post is for future reference…

How to contribute to Debian

These days, possibly because it’s holiday in several countries around the world, I’m receiving a higher number of “how can I help Debian?” mails than usual. This is good and makes me happy! Those mails show we have a community who cares about giving back to Free Software, in exchange of what they have received […]

bits from the DPL: news, sprints, comm. & collaboration

Dear Developers, I suspect you have been missing DPL SPAM, so let me try to fix that. In the meantime, Squeeze is looking better and better every passing day [0], but we’re not there yet. How about offering as gifts to your closest friends some RC bug fixes? I’m sure they’ll appreciate!

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