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Can you believe it? The Debian website has a new layout!

Hi, Did you have a look at the Debian Website[0] today? No? You really
should have. Or maybe you had a look at planet, wiki, lists.d.o or packages.d.o, and understand what this mail is about?

After about 13 years[1] with nearly the same design, the layout and
design of the website changed with today’s release of Debian Squeeze.

This has been made possible thanks to the immense involvement over the
years by Kalle Söderman and Gerfried Fuchs, who were tireless in their
efforts to make the idea a reality, with the help of the webteam: Ben
Armstrong, Damyan Ivanov, David Prévot, Francesca Ciceri, Kåre Thor
Olsen and Simon Paillard.

After a www sprint in December[2][3], David, Francesca, Gerfried and
Kåre spent the last days working nearly 24×7 on the website without much
sleep, to finish the self-set goal of releasing the website’s new layout
with the release of Debian Squeeze. I think the project owes them a
really big “Thank you”.

If you are envious and want this new face for your Debian service,
contact debian-www@lists.d.o; the web team[4] will assist you in moving
your service to the new layout.

And if you notice any glitches on certain pages or with some web
browsers, please let us know.

For the Debian Website Team,

Martin Zobel-Helas

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