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Upcoming changes in Lintian & some bits

Overrides breakage. During the development of Lintian 2.5.0 it was decided to finally use a consistent way to report file names in tags. Additionally, the previously separate embedded-lib* tags have been merged into the embedded-library tag.

As a consequence of these changes, the new Lintian release will cause
many existing overrides to no longer apply. We recognise that this will
lead to some noise in the short term but are convinced that the longer
term advantages make this worthwhile.

We expect auto rejections to be disabled for the affected, non-fatal, tags
for a while to give a grace period for this transition.
Lintian 2.5.0~rc1, currently in experimental, has a list of the tags which
we anticipate will be used for auto rejections after the grace period.
–ftp-master-rejects can be used to only check for those tags.

Current status

Thanks to Niels Thykier joining the team, Lintian 2.5.0 is going to feature
a number of new checks and many bug fixes. Lintian 2.5.0~rc1 closes 52 bug

The final version of 2.5.0 is planned to be uploaded to unstable within a
week. We encourage everyone to try the release candidate and report any
findings (especially if related to the path names change.)

Continuing with the tradition of comparing the number of tags of Lintian
between Debian releases: Debian etch’s Lintian shipped with 555 tags,
lenny’s with 712 tags, and squeeze’s with 878. Lintian 2.5.0 already has
890, in spite of the consolidation of many tags.

Upcoming work

Niels Thykier has been working on infrastructure changes that are going to
be included in upcoming releases. The changes include cleanup and code

We are continuing to make inroads towards completing the goals we have
previously set ourselves for Lintian development and are planning further
infrastructure changes. We hope soon to begin work on the goals discussed
during last year’s Debconf in New York City.

Helping Out (blatantly copied from previous bits emails)

More hands are always welcome! Lintian is a nice project to work on when
one only has an hour or two, since a lot of the requested checks don’t
require very much code. Work on the test suite is also much appreciated
and doesn’t require a large time investment. If you want to help out,
take a look at the wiki page at:

We’re also looking for someone who would like to work on updating the
Lintian manual. There’s quite a bit about Lintian that isn’t currently
documented. If you’re interested, let us know.

If you have any ideas for new tests that would be helpful to you, please
do submit them as wishlist bugs against the lintian package. It’s nice to
have a large collection of ideas known to be useful to someone to pick
from when one has a few hours to work on Lintian.

On behalf of the Lintian team,
Raphael Geissert

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