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How to Make Your Own North Korean Netbook with Debian or Android

Now, we can’t be entirely sure which netbook North Korea is using, but it looks a lot like a MenQ EasyPC, the Sylvania 7″ netbook, or an unbranded netbook from Deal Extreme.

Debian 6.0: Fat, Fatter, Slim

A few days ago I mentioned Conky, the desktop system resource monitor. I’d been meaning to install this for some time, and did so after my upgrade to Debian 6.0 “Squeeze”. And I was immediately alarmed to see that with only my web browser and email client open, I was using over 450 MB of […]

Debian announces Chinese Mirror

The Debian project is proud to announce the availability of a new primary mirror in mainland China. The new mirror, [1], will significantly reduce network latency to the Debian software repositories and help to raise Debian’s profile in China, and is accessible via IPv6 as well as via IPv4.

Debian and Debian Women in Swedish newspaper Fria Tidningen

I have been the editor for a series on free software in a Swedish newspaper, Fria Tidningen. The series has been running for seven weeks now, finishing this week, and have been very well received. [0, 1]

Why I dumped Debian Squeeze’s Chromium for the Chrome browser from Google’s repository

I’ve always been an advocate for using the packages supplied by the distribution/project you happen to be running as an OS. Rarely do I go outside the “official” repositories for something shinier and newer. That’s changing, and swapping the Chromium browser in Debian Squeeze for the Google Chrome browser directly from Google is my latest […]

Debian on Thinkpad Edge 11″

This has been several months since I didn’t use much my laptop, an Asus S5N: it was crippled by a short battery life and was hit by several bugs, most of them targeting the i855GME graphic chipset thanks to the use of GEM and KMS in the latest Xorg. I did not want to invest […]

How To Install A (Canon) Printer On Debian And Debian-Like Systems

This tutorial will cover how to install the well-known CUPS printing system, and optionally tell you how to have your Canon printer work. There are extra details about where to find Canon drivers and how to install the “Print to PDF” feature.

Debian Project News – May 17th 2011

Welcome to this year’s eighth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

Bits from the perl maintainers

In this update: – Completion of perl 5.12 transition – perl 5.12 breakage – Upgrade trigger – Plans for 5.14

Debian Squeeze + btrfs = FAIL

Executive summary: Don’t use btrfs on Debian Squeeze. Longer summary: Don’t use btrfs RAID with the kernel Debian Squeeze comes with.

DebConf “Newbies” / Non-Regulars Funding Initiative

This year the Debian Project again invites “Newbies” and non-regular attendees to join the yearly Debian Conference DebConf. As a special incentive, an extra travel fund has been set up, which is only available to new or returning DebConf attendees. Every Debian Developer or Maintainer who has never been to a Debian Conference or who […]

DNS security extensions now available for Debian’s zone entries

The Debian Project is pleased to announce that its domains and are now secured by the DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC). The corresponding DNS records have recently been added in the .net and .org zones.

Debian Project at LinuxTag 2011

The Debian Project is happy to announce that it will be again represented at the LinuxTag event in Berlin, Germany, this year. At the booth members of the project will be available for questions and discussions.

DebConf10 Final Report released!

After numerous contributions from many of you, the DebConf team has finally released the DebConf10 Final Report. It’s a 46-page document which gives the reader an idea about the conference as a whole.

DebConf11 – Sponsored registration date has been extended

The deadline for sponsored registration for DebConf11 in Banja Luka, originally May 8th, has officially been extended to May 19th. The reasons for the extension are as follows:

The GNOME 2.30 environment in Debian Squeeze – surprisingly productive

Mind you, on this same hardware I was able to run Unity in Ubuntu 11.04. Not that I’m going to throw over GNOME 2.30 (or Degbian Squeeze) for Unity and Ubuntu, because I am not an early adopter.

Checking versioned dependencies in Debian packages – Take 2

One of my last blog suggested a way to systematically clean up versioned dependencies in packages. Given the comments posted thereafter, it’s clear that the one-size-fits-all strategy is ill-advised. Sorry about that.

Debian May Begin Rolling Release Branch

Here is my attempt at a summary of the rolling discussion currently happening on debian-devel@. It might not be complete, it’s probably a bit biased, but I hope that it’s still better than nothing. It was also posted on debian-devel@.

Debian Women Offers Building Packages from Source Tutorial

Are you enthusiastic about Debian and thinking about contributing? We want to guide you in the basics.

Debian Project News – May 2nd, 2011

Welcome to this year’s seventh issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community.

Debian Project presentation for government decision makers

Hello, At April 18th, 2011, there was a brazilian portuguese presentation through video streaming for government decision makers. Actually, were 2 talks: first Debian Project for govt. decision makers and then other for sysadmins and developers regarding Debian 6.x.

Installing Debian

The next stage in the great pro­ject to migrate back from Debian from OpenSol­aris: installing Debian. Wow, it’s so much easier these days! Here are my ran­dom notes from the install.

bits from the DPL: the start of the term

Hi everybody, sorry for the delay [1], it’s about time that I thank you all and recall some practical information about how to use DPL “services”.

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