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Why I dumped Debian Squeeze’s Chromium for the Chrome browser from Google’s repository

I’ve always been an advocate for using the packages supplied by the distribution/project you happen to be running as an OS. Rarely do I go outside the “official” repositories for something shinier and newer. That’s changing, and swapping the Chromium browser in Debian Squeeze for the Google Chrome browser directly from Google is my latest shift in this direction. More here

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  1. Comment by overvolting — May 23, 2011 @ 10:24 pm

    I’m using wheezy and consequently the official google chrome repo won’t work.

    Check this out as another option, source build off an ubuntu daily chromium repo:

    I chose maverick because it seemed to have similar package requirements to what wheezy has available.

    I added the following line to my sources.list.d/chromium.list
    deb-src maverick main

    and added the key as described at the link.

    Then with:
    apt-get source chromium-browser
    and using dpkg –force-depends to force install the produced debs chromium-browser and chromium-codecs-extra
    I ended up with a brilliant daily build of chromium v13

    No problems whatsoever. All extensions work as well.

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