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People behind Debian: Sam Hartman, Kerberos package maintainer

Sam Hartman is a Debian developer since 2000. He has never taken any sort of official role within Debian (that is besides package maintainer), yet I know him for his very thoughtful contributions to discussions both on mailing lists and IRL during Debconf.

Bits from the Release Team – minutes (pt 1), retrospective, time based freezes and more!

In this update: * Release Team sprint minutes * Squeeze wrap up/retrospective * Release team membership/workload * Time based freezes * Migrations from unstable to testing * Misc, and what’s in the next update

Multiarch in Debian unstable

Dear developers, It is with excitement and trepidation that I write to you today about the status of multiarch support in Debian.

Updated Debian 6.0: 6.0.2 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the first update of its stable distribution Debian 6.0 (codename “Squeeze”). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the stable release, along with a few adjustments to serious problems.

LibreOffice is now in Debian Squeeze Backports

Turmoil in the free-office-suite world has led to the formation of the Document Foundation and its forking of into LibreOffice, and much if not most of the Linux world has declared its support for the more-community-oriented LibreOffice.

Debian Project News – June 24th 2011

Welcome to this year’s tenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include…

Debian Dumps OpenOffice for LibreOffice

Joining the ever-growing list of Linux distributions jumping the sinking ship for the safety of LibreOffice is the irreplaceable Debian. LibreOffice has been in testing since March, but as of today it’s available for stable 6.0 as well.

Debian moves to LibreOffice

The Debian project is proud to announce that the transition from to LibreOffice has now been completed. LibreOffice has already been available for “testing” and “unstable” since March and has now been backported to Debian 6.0 “Squeeze”, too.

How YOU can help Debian!

I recently had been ask how persons usually not involved in Debian’s development process can help Debian. This is a question that pops up quite often, so I thought I should write down a bit of that.

Compute Clusters Integration for Debian Development and Building

Hello, this is the 2nd report regarding my project. I’ll offer a brief summary of how are we doing and then the details, so you don’t have to read everything at all.

Debian Squeeze Samba Standalone Server With tdbsam Backend

This tutorial explains the installation of a Samba fileserver on Debian Squeeze and how to configure it to share files over the SMB protocol as well as how to add users.

Announcing Planet Debian Derivatives!

For those of you who are interested in the activites of distributions derived from Debian, it aggregates the blogs and planets of all the distributions represented in the derivatives census

Apache on Ubuntu/Debian

When I first started using Ubuntu, I was coming from a distro journey that started with FreeBSD and took in Mandrake and Gentoo along the way; I hadn’t worked with any Debian-based systems before and was new to the way that Apache is configured on those platforms.

Debian Squeeze, Squid, Kerberos/LDAP Authentication, Active Directory Integration And Cyfin Reporter

This document covers setup of a Squid Proxy which will seamlessly integrate with Active Directory for authentication using Kerberos with LDAP as a backup for users not authenticated via Kerberos.

Debian on the DreamPlug

So let’s say you want to put Debian on your DreamPlug. You do, of course, because running some other operating system is in poor taste, and you’d be embarrassed telling your friends. How do you do it? You can’t use d-i.

How To Save Traffic With nginx’s HttpGzipModule (Debian Squeeze)

In this tutorial I will describe how to configure HttpGzipModule on an nginx web server (on Debian Squeeze). HttpGzipModule allows nginx to compress files and deliver them to clients (e.g. browsers) that can handle compressed content which most modern browsers do.

Installing sec-wall on Debian wheezy/sid

The unstoppable Miguel Landaeta did it again and I’m happy to let you all know that sec-wall, the security proxy, can be now installed on Debian wheezy/sid using nothing but DEBs, like below

5 Tips for Managing Debian Packages

If you’ve ever thought “there should be a command that does X” for Linux, there probably is. Finding it, however, is not always easy. This is especially true when managing packages on Debian-based systems.

People behind Debian: Philipp Kern, Stable Release Manager

Philipp is a Debian developer since 2005 and a member of the release team since 2008. Since he took the responsibility of Stable Release Manager, the process has evolved for the best. I asked him to explain how the release team decides what’s fit for stable or not.

Exclusive Interview With Debian Leader Stefano Zacchiroli

Swapnil: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? How you got associated with computers?……Stefano: With computers … wow, that’s quite some time ago! I discovered programming when I was 9 year old – I’m 31 now – finding an illustrated book about BASIC programming at the local library (!). Pair that with a C64 […]

DEX finishes first batch of derivative patches for Debian

The goal of our first project, nicknamed ancient-patches, was to clear out an old batch of a few hundred Ubuntu patches whose status was unclear. We couldn’t tell which ones had been merged into Debian, which were waiting in the BTS, and which had yet to be submitted to Debian. All of them were several […]

Debian Project News – July 8th, 2011

Welcome to this year’s ninth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include * Report from LinuxTag 2011 * Testing new hardware support for Debian 6.0.2 * Bits from the Perl maintainers * Report from the Alioth sprint * Bits from the DPL * New mirrors closer to […]

ISPConfig 3 ProFTPd For Debian

I’m a new user of ISPConfig and I’ve been playing with Linux for a few years now. My server is currently a VPS with OpenVZ and it won’t allow me to run the default pureftpd that comes with ISPConfig, so I started looking into ProFTPd, and found that it wasn’t very difficult to switch over […]

Debian Wheezy Moving To Linux 3.0

With Linux 3.0 on its way, the Debian developers have decided to move the Debian Wheezy development from Linux 2.6 to Linux 3.0.

Enabling core files for PostgreSQL on Debian

The other day, I was a bit puzzled over a seemingly simple task: Enable core files to be generated from a PostgreSQL instance running on Debian. That instance has unfortunately been segfaulting on occasion, but never left a core file.

Microsoft eyes Ubuntu and Debian love on Hyper-V

Microsoft says that its Hyper-V virtualization stack may soon support the Ubuntu and Debian Linux distros as well as CentOS, Red Hat, and SuSE.

How to install Firefox 5

This howto explains how to install Firefox 5 Beta on Linux distros, without replacing your current Firefox installation. Firefox 5 Beta 3 has been released on June 2, 2011. The final release date is set to June 21.

bits from the DPL: some oldies

Dear Developers, another month has passed, time for another update of what has been going on in DPL-land. Since the last update of mine—released shortly after the recent elections [1]—has been mostly about “DPL interaction tips & tricks”, this one will cover the time span from mid April to now. Better get started …

Report from the Alioth Sprint

Alioth has become an important part of the Debian infrastructure in recent years; it has been used by more and more people and teams inside Debian, as well as by some upstream projects.

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