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Debian Squeeze, Squid, Kerberos/LDAP Authentication, Active Directory Integration And Cyfin Reporter

This document covers setup of a Squid Proxy which will seamlessly integrate with Active Directory for authentication using Kerberos with LDAP as a backup for users not authenticated via Kerberos.

Debian on the DreamPlug

So let’s say you want to put Debian on your DreamPlug. You do, of course, because running some other operating system is in poor taste, and you’d be embarrassed telling your friends. How do you do it? You can’t use d-i.

How To Save Traffic With nginx’s HttpGzipModule (Debian Squeeze)

In this tutorial I will describe how to configure HttpGzipModule on an nginx web server (on Debian Squeeze). HttpGzipModule allows nginx to compress files and deliver them to clients (e.g. browsers) that can handle compressed content which most modern browsers do.

Installing sec-wall on Debian wheezy/sid

The unstoppable Miguel Landaeta did it again and I’m happy to let you all know that sec-wall, the security proxy, can be now installed on Debian wheezy/sid using nothing but DEBs, like below

5 Tips for Managing Debian Packages

If you’ve ever thought “there should be a command that does X” for Linux, there probably is. Finding it, however, is not always easy. This is especially true when managing packages on Debian-based systems.

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