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Bits from the Debian GNU/Hurd porters

Greetings, It has been almost three years since the last “Bits from Debian GNU/Hurd porters[1]”, it’s time for an update on the port[2].

* Installation CDs

Jeremie Koenig spent the 2010 summer on the Debian Installer, and with
a couple other fixes, we now have a working CD set[3]! We also have a
ready-to-go qemu image[4].

* 0.401 release

On 2011 April 1st, a 0.401 release was published[5] with varying
reaction from hackers.

* ftp-master, wheezy release goal

We had a meeting with ftp-master. Since hurd-i386 is in not-bad shape,
it was agreed to keep hurd-i386 in the archive until the wheezy release,
to give it a chance to release wheezy. Failing that it will be dropped
from the archive and have to go back to debian-ports.

We thus aim at releasing wheezy, at least as a technical preview like
kfreebsd did with squeeze. We have a TODO list for this[6].

* Archive coverage

Thanks to the efforts of various Debian/Hurd porters, the percentage
of packages built for Debian GNU/Hurd is reaching about 68%. The
autobuilders are keeping the pace relavitely nicely.

The remaining 32% of packages are either waiting for other packages to
become available (see [7] for a (big) graph of those relationships) or
are failing for some reason[8]; a complete list of build failures can be
found at [9].

* Developer machine

The machine is a DD-accessible box, and accounts can
be opened to non-DD alioth members on request to

* Hardware support

The gnumach hardware support is still stuck at Linux 2.0 drivers (though
the Xen support permits to easily run it fast on recent hardware). Zheng
Da has been working on using the DDE layer to seamlessly integrate Linux
2.6 drivers in userland processes. The network card support is basically
working on real hardware, and the overhead is quite low. We are now
integrating this work in the main repository, so as to easily and safely
get nowadays hardware support.

for the Debian GNU/Hurd porters,

Samuel Thibault


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