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Better state administration on better operating systems, is it possible?

Unlike paid software (such as (Microsoft), which now serves our administration and local councils, Linux Debian’s free use and development, along with the exceptional security of the software, everyone can look inside it, makes this software one of the largest IT and educational achievements, realizing the full extent of the human right to maximum development, […]

Recent improvements with Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD was first released with Squeeze in last february. The “technology preview” label indicated, among other things, that it had a number of limitations when compared with what users would expect: missing features, incomplete functionality, etc.

Debian Postgres readline psql problem and the solutions

There was a bit of a controversy back in February as Debian decided to replace libreadline with libedit, which affected a number of apps, the most important of which for Postgres people is the psql utility. They did this because psql links to both OpenSSL and readline, and although psql is compatible with both, they […]

Testing stuff with QEMU – Part 4: Debian GNU/Linux on PowerPC

I’m using this QEMU image to do compile-tests on the PowerPC architecture for various software projects, especially flashrom (open-source flash ROM programming software). So here’s how to install Debian GNU/Linux on PowerPC (in QEMU)

Release Update: Goals, Arches, Rolling, Removals

In this update: * Release Goals * Arch (re)qualification * 0-day NMU policy <0DNMU> * CUT/Rolling * Improving experimental * Package removal process * What’s due in the next update!

Installing Subversion And Configuring Access Through Different Protocols On Debian Squeeze

Subversion (svn) is an open-source version control system (VCS), used in the development of many software projects. This tutorial shows how ot install Subversion on Debian Squeeze and how to configure it to allow access to a repository through different protocols: file://, http://, https://, svn://, and svn+ssh://.

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