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I’m pushing Debian Squeeze and GNOME 2 as hard as I can

I never really considered myself a GNOME user. Though I am. I’ve used Xfce, Fluxbox, Fvwm2, LXDE, even JWM (Joe’s Window Manager) in Puppy and FLTK in TinyCore. But most of the time I stick with the default desktop environment offered by a given distribution.

How to install Spotify onto Ubuntu/Debian/Linux

Spotify is all the rage now on Macs and PCs alike but Linux is not left out in the rain completely. So here is how to get Spotify on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux. First the Premium method.

Debian joins Dropbox’s officially supported platforms

If you checkout Dropbox’s Linux download page, you will see that Debian packages are provided. Up to a few days ago, they only provided packages for Ubuntu and Fedora.

Turn Plain Jane Debian Into A Sexy Goddess

Debian is the mother of many popular distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Debian has a cult following among its users. It is fast, smooth and free from the control of any company.

Fattening a thin client to run a Debian desktop

While watching his thin client boot up [Nav] noticed that it’s using some type of Linux kernel. He wondered if it were possible to run a full-blow desktop distribution on the device. A little poking around he got a Debian desktop distribution running on a thin client.

Wheezy BSP Marathon first BSP in Hildesheim/Ger Dec 2-4

Hi all, the Wheezy Bug Squashing Party (BSP) Marathon[0] will commence with a BSP in Hildesheim, Germany from December 2nd to December 4th. The party will be hosted in the office of Pengutronix e. K.[1]

Back to OpenShot for video editing in Debian GNU/Linux

What I did differently this time out was use OpenShot’s fade-in/fade-out feature so the clips would flow into each other way more seamlessly than my last OpenShot-edited video. I started with “long” fades but ended up using the short “fade-in/fade/out” on each clip.

Debian: not stale, just hardened

Raphaël Hertzog recently announced a new dpkg-buildflags interface in dpkg that at long last gives the distribution, the package maintainers, and users the control they want over the build flags used when building packages.

GNOME 3 transition happening in Debian unstable

The Debian GNOME team started uploading a mix of GNOME 3.0 and 3.2 packages to Debian unstable because the release team is ready to take care of this transition. This means that as soon as the packages are ready in Debian unstable, the release team will ensure that they also reach wheezy (aka the current […]

delegation for the DSA team

Dear Developers, given that they managed to survive the training period started at DebConf11, I’m happy to announce that the Debian System Administration (DSA) team has now two new full members: Faidon Liambotis and Tollef Fog Heen.

Third Debian 6.0 “Squeeze” update arrives

The Debian project has announced the release of the third update to version 6.0, “Squeeze”, of its Debian Linux distribution. The update to the current stable release focuses on addressing security vulnerabilities and bugs found in the previous versions, as well as updating a number of included packages.

Using GeoIP With Nginx On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04

This tutorial explains how to use the GeoIP module with nginx on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04 to find out where your visitors come from. The GeoIP module sets multiple variables like $geoip_country_name, $geoip_country_code, $geoip_city, etc. that you can use in your PHP scripts or directly in your nginx configuration, for example to serve content in different […]

bits from the DPL for September 2011

September has been a relatively quiet month in DPL-land. I guess most people from the northern hemisphere were bracing for the impact of the end of vacations (myself included) and didn’t have time bothering me. Good! Below you can find a report of what has happened in DPL land during the last month.

Debian 6.0.3 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the third update of its stable distribution Debian 6.0 (codename “Squeeze”).

Running phpMyAdmin On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04

The phpMyAdmin package from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories comes with configuration files for Apache and Lighttpd, but not for nginx. This tutorial shows how you can use the Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04 phpMyAdmin package in an nginx vhost.

How to Assemble a Home Network Storage Server

My OS of choice is Linux, and for this small, headless system, Debian seemed ideal. Installation of Debian is generally smooth and simple, but I managed to complicate things by trying to install from a USB flashdrive.

From MeeGo to Tizen, Debian, …?

I have run Debian on my primary mobile phone for over 2.5 years, although now in the recent months I’ve had dual-SIM in my Nokia N950 as well (Debian not yet running on Nokia N950 or Nokia N9 – but it can and will be done!).

Updated Debian 5.0: 5.0.9 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the ninth update of its oldstable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (codename “lenny”). This update mainly adds corrections for security problems to the oldstable release, along with a few adjustment to serious problems. Security advisories were already published separately and are referenced where available.

Get a copy of The Debian Administrator Handbook and help liberate it

We would really like to see the Debian Handbook integrated into Debian, and therefore to see it published under a license that complies with the “Debian Free Software Guidelines”. With this project, our aim is to prove that it is possible to earn money even with a work that is published under a free license.

HOWTO install php5-fpm on Debian Squeeze

Once PHP hit version 5.3, it started shipping with PHP-FPM, which is the new way to handle PHP requests when serving web content.

Serving CGI Scripts With Nginx On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04

This tutorial shows how you can serve CGI scripts (Perl scripts) with nginx on Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04. While nginx itself does not serve CGI, there are several ways to work around this

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