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Get a copy of The Debian Administrator Handbook and help liberate it

We would really like to see the Debian Handbook integrated into Debian, and therefore to see it published under a license that complies with the “Debian Free Software Guidelines”. With this project, our aim is to prove that it is possible to earn money even with a work that is published under a free license. Read more here

To thank you for your support, we give you the possibility of choosing between several rewards (ex: ebook, paperback, Debian DVD, one hour mentoring session, and even a dinner with the authors!).

As an advocate of the Free Software cause, I want to emphasize that the best reward for a book is its liberation since it will allow everyone (including those who did not take part in the operation) to benefit from the electronic version of the book. The money will be best used through this type of reward since any “physical” reward has a cost that will be
deducted from what you donate.

Now, I have always enjoyed handling paper copies of books and we have planned to release a paperback version for those who would like a copy (and who will have supported the project with a donation of 45 euros or more).

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