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Install Memcached And PHP5-MemCached Module On Debian 6.0 (Squeeze)

“Memcached is free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.”

Debian Press and Publicity Team seek new members

Did you ever want to help Debian, but every piece software you are interested in is already packaged? You don’t consider yourself a “technical person”? You have basic skills in written English? Perfect! Have you considered joining the Publicity Team?

armhf and s390x

Hi, Earlier today, two new architectures had their base systems bootstrapped into unstable. These new architectures are armhf and s390x.

People behind Debian: Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Project Leader

It’s been one year since the first People behind Debian interview. For this special occasion, I wanted a special guest… and I’m happy that our Debian Project Leader (DPL)—Stefano Zacchiroli—accepted my invitation.

Over time, Linux package dependencies show predator/prey relationship

A group of evolutionary biologists, however, has now used the tools of ecosystem analysis to look at the evolution of Debian releases, examining things like package dependencies and software incompatibility.

Running Mailman On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04/11.10

The Mailman package from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories comes with a configuration for Apache, but not for nginx. This tutorial shows how you can use the Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.04/11.10 Mailman package in an nginx vhost. Nginx is a HTTP server that uses much less resources than Apache and delivers pages a lot of faster, especially static […]

Why I’m quitting the Debian Lineup

Being an advocate of Linux Mint, which is a derivative based on Ubuntu, which is a derivative of Debian; I noticed a nasty bug back in July of 2011. Ubuntu 11.04 was released in April of that year and I waited for the bugs to be shaken out of the rug and finally installed it.

I’m back home with Debian

I have been struggling with my conscience recently over using Ubuntu as a server. From a technical perspective, it’s an excellent choice. It has regular releases, can be both stable and cutting edge, has thousands upon thousands of packages, … But recently I have been thinking more philosophically.

People Behind Debian: Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder

I probably don’t have to present Mark Shuttleworth… he was already a Debian developer when he became millionaire after having sold Thawte to Verisign in 1999. Then in 2002 he became the first African (and first Debian developer) in space.

20 Things to Learn About APT With the Free Chapter of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook

We just released a sample chapter of the Debian Administrator’s Handbook. It covers the APT family of tools: apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, update-manager, etc.

How To Password-Protect Directories With mod_auth_mysql On Apache2 (Debian Squeeze)

This guide explains how to password-protect web directories (with users from a MySQL database) with mod_auth_mysql on Apache2 on a Debian Squeeze server. It is an alternative to the plain-text password files provided by mod_auth and allows you to use normal SQL syntax to create/modify delete users.

bits from the DPL for October 2011

Dear Developers or, better, Dear Project Members (see below), I swear I won’t rejoice ever again of a calm month such as September!

FOSDEM 2012: 2nd call for talks

Hello World, I’ve announced a call for talks on this list a while back[1], but so far there hasn’t been much response to that, so here’s a second call for talks:

Debian Project News – November 7th 2011

Welcome to this year’s fourteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include:

Debian Beckons Ubuntu Refugees to Come Home

Long time Ubuntu users have been complaining loudly about Unity’s lack of stability, limited options and an overall unfinished feel. Distros that have watched Ubuntu gobbling up the Linux mind-share are suddenly getting a second look by unhappy Ubuntu users seeking alternatives to Unity.

Automatic installation of Debian Squeeze from a USB flash drive

In this post you are going to learn how to build a USB Flash Drive that contains a fully automated Debian installation system. At Wallix this installation system is used in addition to our traditional PXE/preseed system to deploy our products Wallix LogBox and Wallix AdminBastion.

DebConf12 Nicaragua dates confirmed

DebConf12 to take place in Managua, Nicaragua in July 2012 The Debian Project, the team behind the free Debian operating system, has confirmed the dates and venue for its next annual conference, DebConf12.

College near Mangalore hosts three-day Debian meet

A technical college in Dakshina Kannada is the venue for an ongoing meet on Debian, a Linux-based operating system. The college has no “direct contributor” or developers in Debian. That precisely is the reason why one alumnus thought the locale for a three-day meet on the subject, titled Mini DebConf Mangalore, should be the NMAM […]

Bits from the New Maintainer^WMember process

Hello, there have been some imporant things happening on the NM process over the last months, and it’s time to collect them together into a proper announcement: “New Maintainer process” becomes “New Member process”

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