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Bits from the New Maintainer^WMember process

Hello, there have been some imporant things happening on the NM process over the last months, and it’s time to collect them together into a proper announcement: “New Maintainer process” becomes “New Member process”

The NM process has hystorically been ridden with confusing or ambiguous
acronyms. As proposed by Stefano Zacchiroli[1], we have just finished renaming
the “New Maintainer process” as “New Member process”.

It is a small change which does not even change the acronym we are all used
to, but it should help both to avoid confusion between “New Maintainer” and
“Debian Maintainer” and to acknowledge that we are also creating accounts for
Debian Developers whose main focus is not package maintenance. Thanks zack!


* New Front-Desk email address

On the same ticket, the role address to reach all members of the NM Front-Desk
has been changed to . The old address will continue to work for
some time.

* Jan Hauke Rahm joins Front Desk

The New-Maintainer^WMember! Front-desk is happy to announce that Jan Hauke Rahm
followed our invitation to join the team. Welcome on board and
many thanks for volunteering, Hauke!

* New NM website prototype up for evaluation

Although it has not been advertised much, some of you may know that we are
working on a replacement for the New Member process web interface. There is a
first version up for evaluation by AMs, found at

Although only Application Managers can log in to the test system, anyone can
get the code, run it, and send us patches: details can be found in Enrico’s




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