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Debian Press and Publicity Team seek new members

Did you ever want to help Debian, but every piece software you are interested in is already packaged? You don’t consider yourself a “technical person”? You have basic skills in written English? Perfect! Have you considered joining the Publicity Team?

The Publicity Team is a loosely organized team working on different
aspects of Debian’s “Public Relations”. One example is the newsletter
“Debian Project News” which informs the wider Debian community of
everything interesting happening in the Debian universe. While it was
actually thought to be a bi-weekly newsletter, due to missing volunteers
it is currently in danger of becoming a bi-monthly newsletter. We also
have a row of new projects lined up that haven’t really taken off yet,
such as an official blog or making better use of Debian’s official account.

Also the slightly smaller and somewhat more strictly organized Press
Team needs new members, as some of the old ones would like to step back
in the coming year. The job of the Press Team (in collaboration with the
Publicity Team) is to write official announcements (usually on request
by various other teams or whenever relevant topics or events come up)
and to act as point of contact for journalists (and everyone else who
doesn’t find the correct mailing list for their questions ;-)) Since the
Press Team is somewhat of the official “Voice of Debian”, this requires
a slightly higher degree of commitment and diplomatic skills.

Everyone can join the Publicity Team, see these pages for details:

As said, basic English writing skills are necessary for both teams
(don’t worry; we have quite active native English speakers available for
reviews), and ideally candidates for both teams should be more or less
familiar with Debian’s organizational structure and internal procedures.
Also you should be able to work in a team and communicate with other
teams (mostly via e-mail and IRC). Everything else you might need (like
usage of svn/cvs/whatever) can be learned later (again don’t worry, you
don’t need very deep skills in these areas).

Members of the Press Team should be or be about to become full Debian
members, as you sometimes need to access Debian specific resources (and
later an official delegation when you become a full “Debian Press

Please feel free to get in contact with us. You can reach the Publicity
Team at or in #debian-publicity on and the Press Team at

Best regards,

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