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How To Install RoundCube 0.7 For ISPConfig 3 On Debian Squeeze

This will guide you thru the installation of the latest stable version of RoundCube (currently version 0.7) and get it to work together with ISPConfig 3.

Gnome 3.2 Arrives In Debian Unstable (“sid”)

Another milestone for the Debian ecosystem and the Gnome 3.x desktop this weekend as the Debian unstable distribution (“sid”) completed it’s transition to Gnome 3.2.1, with the migration of remaining Gnome 3.2 packages to Debian “sid” including gnome-shell 3.2.1-8.

Automated Customized Debian Installation Using Preseed

I’ve always wanted to create a custom Debian installer CD with a preseed file for automated installation. This post is the first step in realizing that dream. There are many steps and details involved in the process but creating a CD with a preseed.cfg file is the easiest because it’s repeatable step-by-step. So that’s where […]

How to install Debian Linux on the LG P500

Do you want to install Debian Linux on the LG P500 ? this is tutorial detail to install LG P500 with Debian Linux,using some special file your phone will be installed debian linux, after that you’ll enjoy it feel like using a computer. follow this step .

Installing Etherpad on Debian/Ubuntu

Etherpad is an excellent Open Source web application for collaborative text editing. Like Google Docs, it allows you to share documents with others through a secret URL or to set up private documents for which people need a login.

Finding Out Package Dependencies With apt-rdepends On Debian/Ubuntu

Sometimes you need to find out all the dependencies of a package. This tutorial explains how to use apt-rdepends to recursively list all dependencies of a Debian/Ubuntu package.

debian call for tender by the french government

The French government has published a call for tender for a 2 million euro contract to support Debian and CentOS systems throughout the French public administration. The news is a month old, but the call for bids is open until 9 January 2012.

NeuroDebian: the value of an integrated tool suite

From two PhD students trying to get a few neuroimaging research software packages to work smoothly in their own labs, to a broad neuroscience software initiative with thousands of unique users and an even larger group of unwitting beneficiaries. In five years, without almost any external funding. The quick growth of NeuroDebian shows the value […]

Debian Project News – December 14th, 2011

Welcome to this year’s fifteenth issue of DPN, the newsletter for the Debian community. Topics covered in this issue include…

People behind Debian: Ben Hutchings, member of the kernel team

Ben Hutchings is a rather unassuming guy… but hiding behind his hat, there’s a real kernel hacker who backports new drivers for the kernel in Debian stable so that our flagship release supports very recent hardware.

Running Joomla 1.7 On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run a Joomla 1.7 web site on a Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 11.10 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP).

Debian GNU/kFreeBSD Gets Ready For FreeBSD 9.0

It’s not only the FreeBSD and PC-BSD camps gearing up for the imminent release of FreeBSD 9.0, but Debian developers have already been gearing up for the major update of this leading BSD distribution as they prepare to pull in its new kernel.

bits from the DPL for November 2011

Dear Project Members, another month has passed, it’s time to bother you again about what has happened in DPL land in November (this time, with even less delay than the last one, ah!).

X200 Bios Update on Debian

Updating the bios on my X200 Tablet was surprisingly simple in Debian. Often, updating bios requires some sort of Windows or Dos boot disk and all kinds of machinations to make that happen.

Progamatically Comparing Debian Package Versions

Continuing on with this project it became necessary to look a little deeper on how apt based software repositories handle version numbers. At first I thought this was the silliest overly complicated mess I could imaging.

Freedom from Ubuntu with Debian Alternatives

But where does this leave those distributions that chose to embrace a pure Debian base instead? In this article, I will explore two very different distributions that decided to look to Debian for the future and did so with immense style.

Installing Maia Mailguard On Debian Squeeze (Virtual Users/Domains With Postfix/MySQL)

This guide explains how to install Maia Mailguard, a spam and virus management system, on a Debian Squeeze mailserver. Maia Mailguard is a web-based interface and management system based on the popular amavisd-new email scanner and SpamAssassin.

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 “Lenny” approaches end of life

In a post on its security announce mailing list, the Debian Project development team has reminded users that version 5.0 of its Debian Linux distribution, also known as “Lenny”, will reach its end of life (EOL) on 6 February 2012. From that date, no further updates, including security updates and critical fixes, will be released.

New Debian buildd at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

It took quite a lot of effort to persuade all decision makers to make this happen, but here it is: A new Debian buildd is being hosted at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, to support the s390(x) ports. Its name is zemlinsky.

Create xburst-tools Debian package under Ben Nanonote

Why compile xburst-tools under ben nanonote, please checkout this bug(xburst-tools: contains precompiled binaries in debian/). this means we have to compile the target firmware under a MIPS Debian system. that is why I try to compile xburst-tools under ben nanonote.

Readers’ Choice Awards 2011

Best Linux Distribution:Ubuntu…..Runner-up: Debian. apt, apt and more apt this year in the distribution category.

Running Contao 2.10.2 On Nginx (LEMP) On Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 11.10

This tutorial shows how you can install and run a Contao 2.10.2 web site on a Debian Squeeze or Ubuntu 11.10 system that has nginx installed instead of Apache (LEMP = Linux + nginx (pronounced “engine x”) + MySQL + PHP). nginx is a HTTP server that uses much less resources than Apache and delivers […]

Configuring extlinux’s auto-update on Debian

On Debian or Ubuntu, if you make changes to files like /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf directly, they’ll be overwritten.So what’s a Debian user to do if she wants to customize the menus, add a splash image or boot other operating systems?

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