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Misc Developer News (#28)

In this issue: + Debian Member Porfolio Service + Release goals bugs displayed in the PTS + Transitions displayed in the PTS + dh_linktree helper tool + Patch Tagging Guidelines: DEP-3 moved to ACCEPTED status

Debian Member Porfolio Service

The Debian Member Portfolio Service (formerly known as Debian Developer
Portfolio Service) is now available at The
purpose of this change is to acknowledge that we have non-packaging
members now. The service is still developed and hosted by me. I welcome
suggestions for improving the service as well as translations to your
language. The source code (Python/Pylons) for the service is available in
a public git repository[1] under the terms of the GNU Affero General
Public License.

— Jan Dittberner


Release goals bugs displayed in the PTS

The Package Tracking System will now display a prominent TODO notice
whenever you have one (or more) outstanding bug(s) which are part of a
release goal. Example:

— Raphaël Hertzog

Transitions displayed in the PTS

The Package Tracking System will now display a prominent warning when a
package is part of an ongoing or a planned testing transition. It invites
the maintainer to avoid uploads that might disrupt the transition and
gives links to the transition tracker[2], the debian-release archives[3],
and the listing of transition bugs[4].

— Raphaël Hertzog


dh_linktree helper tool

If your package contains embedded copies of PHP/javascript files (or any
other file that gets directly shipped as-is), it can be tedious to
replace them with symlinks to packaged copies. The new tool dh_linktree
(package dh-linktree) might help you in this task. You just have to
include the Debian package corresponding to your embedded copies in your
build dependencies and create a debian/foo.linktrees files explaining
what to do. dh_linktree will create the symlink tree for you and add the
corresponding dependency in ${misc:Depends} (if needed). It can operate
in several modes:
* embed: it will unconditionally integrate the whole directory at the
indicated place
* replace: it will only replace the files already installed by your
package with symlinks to the corresponding file in the official
* de-duplicate: like replace except that it will only do it if the files
are exactly identical.

If you want to learn more, install the dh-linktree package and read the
manual page dh_linktree(1).

— Raphaël Hertzog

Patch Tagging Guidelines: DEP-3 moved to ACCEPTED status

DEP-3[5] has been promoted to ACCEPTED status. This format standardises a
set of headers that you are encouraged to use when documenting patches
that you add to Debian packages.

— Raphaël Hertzog


— bye, pabs

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