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New machine for Debian archive main mirror

The Debian Project is pleased to announce that the hardware behind “” has recently been replaced, with the help of Studenten Net Twente (SNT) and HP. The new machine is an 8-core Intel Xeon machine with 48 GB of memory and a total of 6 TB (on RAID 10) of local storage. The new server is generously hosted by Studenten Net Twente at the University of Twente, which was already hosting the old “” machine.

“The amount of new architectures added to Debian recently and the fact
that we now also provide support for non-Linux operating system kernels
caused us to run short on disk space on the old machine. This new
machine should give us enough space for a few years” said Martin
Zobel-Helas, a member of the Debian System Administrator team. “Hosting
Debian hardware at University of Twente has a long tradition for the
Debian Project.”, Martin added.

“At SNT, our slogan is “making the net work!” and that’s exactly what
we’re doing by providing Debian with extra hosting and bandwidth in the
Netherlands. SNT has been using Debian since 1996 for all of its
network managing servers and other services and therefore we kindly
hostkassia, the Dutch FTP archive ( and now this new
server klecker” says Tjerk Jan from SNT.

About Studenten Net Twente

Studenten Net Twente was created in 1994 to handle network facilities
provided by ICTS (the IT service of the University of Twente) including
ADSL, campusnet, WLAN, VPN and dialup connections to the university.
Thanks to the expertise of the students manning the helpdesk they
manage to offer support to all network-related problems of students at
the University of Twente. SN

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