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Make DebConf12 a success: donate or become a sponsor

The Debian Project’s annual conference is slowly coming closer. Visiting places around the world since 2000, DebConf will take place this year in Managua, Nicaragua, in July and will again provide an opportunity for people who contribute to Debian to meet in person for face-to-face collaboration and discussions.

Third Debian Edu Squeeze based release candidate, 6.0.4 edu rc3, 2012-03-04

We are very happy to announce “Debian Edu Squeeze 6.0.4 rc3″, as we believe this is what we will release as r0 very soon! See below for 6.0.4 r0 and 6.0.4 r1 release schedules!

bits from the DPL for February 2012

Howdy, dear Project Members, here’s another round of updates about what has happened in DPL land, this time during February 2012.

Switzerland to host Debian Conference 2013

On February 20, 2012, the DebConf committee decided that DebConf13, the Debian developer conference of 2013, should take place on the shores of the Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland, most likely in the middle of August. More details may be found on the [1] organizers’ wiki.

Debian Project Leader Elections 2012: Call for nominations

Hi, According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “six weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately.”

Rebuild of the Debian archive with clang

This document presents the result of the rebuild of the Debian archive (the distribution) with clang, a new C/C++ compiler. clang is now ready to build software for production (either for C, C++ or Objective-C). This compiler is providing many more warnings and interesting errors than the gcc suite while not carrying the same legacy […]

DebConf13 to take place in Switzerland

The Debian Project has announced that its fourteenth annual DebConf developer conference will take place in the Swiss municipality of Vaumarcus.

Misc Developer News (#29)

In this issue: + New Iceweasel add-on to help looking up developer sites + Realtime collaborative text editing services for Debian + DEP9: Availability of reconf-inetd (replacement of update-inetd) + Security tracker improvements + Derivatives census improvements + mentors.d.n software upgrade + Support for the copyright format 1.0 (developed as DEP 5)

UbuntuOne on Debian Testing

I recently installed Debian Testing on my ‘old’ Lenovo x200s. One part of my standard setup that was unexpectedly hard to migrate from Ubuntu was UbuntuOne, sadly. You can see my frustration via here.

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