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Bits from the 5th Debian Groupware Meeting

The fifth Debian Groupware Meeting[1] was held in the LinuxHotel, Essen, Germany[2]. Eight persons attended which is an all time high! This is a short summary of what happened during the weekend:

* We pushed a ESR version of icedove including l10n and the calendaring
extension to unstable. By cherry-picking lots of build-fixes from
iceweasel we’ll hopefully make the testing transition soon.

* Since iceowl (the standalone calendar) is not maintained upstream
anymore we’re keeping it in experimental only for now. A new version
got uploaded including updated l10n.

* A new upstream version of evolution-mapi was upload to sid fixing

* d-push 1.5.8 (the rebranded version of z-push) got uploaded to
unstable including translation updates and adaption to php 5.4.0.

* Lots of progress was made on packaging SOGo and related components and
it’s now quiet close to an upload to sid.

* Work on OpenChange included looking into using the version in Debian
for SOGo packaging as well as fixing Samba4 issues that broke (among
other things) the OpenChange build.

* Progress was made on packaging Zarafa ZCP for Debian (rebranded as
giraffe)[3]. The packages are working but rebranding is not yet

* About 60 evolution bugs where either closed or commented on.

* As usual the Groupware page[4] got updated.

* The meetings 5th anniversary was celebrated with a barbecue.

— Guido (on behalf of the Debian Groupware Meeting attendees)


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