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Compiling linux kernel on debian

Here are the steps to compile a kernel from source in debian based systems. These steps have worked successfully on debian 6.0 (linux 2.6.32) – You will need a package by the name kernel-package, which implements the commands required for compilation, hence run Read more here

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  1. Comment by Orda — June 7, 2012 @ 12:05 pm

    Snippet from oh-my-zsh:

    # Kernel-package building shortcut
    kerndeb () {
    # temporarily unset MAKEFLAGS ( ‘-j3’ will fail )
    MAKEFLAGS=$( print – $MAKEFLAGS | perl -pe ‘s/-j\s*[\d]+//g’ )
    print ‘$MAKEFLAGS set to ‘”‘$MAKEFLAGS'”
    appendage=’-custom’ # this shows up in $ (uname -r )
    revision=$(date +”%Y%m%d”) # this shows up in the .deb file name

    make-kpkg clean

    time fakeroot make-kpkg –append-to-version “$appendage” –revision \
    “$revision” kernel_image kernel_headers

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